My Mom is Needing Some Nail Help

When my mom saw me doing my nails this morning, she told me of a problem with her nails that started last night.  Since I wasn't too sure how to help her, I said I would ask online for her.


She is needing something to help strengthen and harden her nails.  The Nutra Nail Bullet Proof stuff does not work since it feels goopy and just comes off.  Last night at work (she works in a factory that makes various car parts for Japanese vehicles), she got moved to a new area for a while.  She was having to open boxes of parts that came in, but the box knives the department had were dull as can be.  So she had to use her hands and nails to cut into them.  She showed me her nails this morning, and there are a few painful looking breaks. 


She has already had issues with her weak nails, but this new department is really taking it out on her nails.  I'm not sure what all she does in the department, but I'd say whatever else there is will not be nice to her nails either.  What can she do to help her nails?

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I know tons of people who have the same problem and I always recommend this to them. You should check out the OPI Nail Envy treatments. They have 6 different formulas for different types of problems but they all strengthen your nails. The ones they have are the original nail envy, matte nail envy, dry & brittle nail envy, sensitive and peeling nail envy and maintenance nail envy. For you I would recommend the sensitive and peeling nail envy because this is especially for nails that need soothing and strengthening and is a formaldehyde-free formula that protects against peeling with antioxidant Vitamin E and Kukui Nut Oil and soothes sensitive nails with Aloe Vera. Now they also have an exclusive Pro-Wide brush. 


I hope this really helps and you check these out!

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