Mirror nail polish
Do you know of a brand that carries a truly mirror-looking nail polish? I've seen someone with a manicure like it but want to know if any brands sell a polish
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I've not seen mirror polishes in a while.  I have seen a lot of glitters out lately for the Holiday season.  When I read the title of your post, the first thing that popped in my mind was Avon Mirror Shine.  I'm not entirely sure if they still make it or not, though.  Sorry I"m not much help.  I hope you do find it, though.

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They haven't had the Mirror polishes out for a long time and most weren't as close as the name implied. If you really want to get a mirror finish, your best bet is a Minx application in Silver Lightning. These are appliques and will give you a finish much like actual tin foil - a metallic silver that you can get a mirror image from.

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Hi mshizzleceba, 


I agree with Kimmi. We have a ton of different polishes available with Sephora and lots with sparkle, shine or sheens but no true "mirror" reflective colors. You may want to try looking at the Nails Inc line, or Nars "Space Odyssey". I hope this helps you! Try doing a google search for some other brands that may have the super reflective finish you would like. :smileyhappy:



Space Odyssey (shimmering aluminum)

Space Odyssey






Nails Inc 3D Glitter Nail Polish

Sloane Square 3D Glitter 

Sloane Square 3D Glitter


Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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Hi, I've also seen these in editorials and wondered.  I used SONIA KASHUK's "Smoke and Mirrors" from Target (about $5-$7) and got compliments, but it was never perfectly mirror-like, then just yesterday, I saw on some French youtube video  and saw that this Australian brand, BLIXZ does something akin to the relatively recent sticker-polish-craze (e.g. Sally Hansen) -- I am sure there must be US brands that carry a similar style.


I don't believe you can get the perfect mirror effect via polish and that you would need to use the sticker foil to get that perfectly mirror-glass-like-shine.  Personally, I've never used Blixz (nor Sally Hansen for that matter) but good luck! I hope this helped!



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For a true mirror look, try nail foiling. You can buy them for cheap by the roll online!

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I agree with the other posters...Your best bet is to get an applique that is a metallic foil.


Sephora has some silver foil ones but they have skulls on some of them.  They really are metallic and mirror-like though.

Silver Skulls


Maybe one will come out soon- I would definitely buy it!


Happy Holidays,



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the "sexy silver" sticker looks as close to 'mirror' as you're likely to find...and LOVE blixz!

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There's an Italian nailpolish brand called Layla that has mirror nail polish in a variety of colours. I did my nails in chrome about a week ago... shoulda taken a picture!

You can get them on Amazon, if you're buying in the U.S, or perhaps more specialty, small website. and NailPolishCanada if you're buying in Canada!

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A saw a brand call Kiko, u may google search /youtube it just type kiko mirror nail superb great color, I like so much 

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