Long vs. Short Nails

I personally like short nails better, because my nails feel weird when they grow out. I have friends who love their long nails and it feels weird when they cut them. I was just wondering what length you like your nails to be. I don't think I could do long nails because I would live in fear of one of them breaking when I was doing something (my nails are very strong). 

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I like my nails to be kinda long.  I'm used to them having some length to them, so when I have to cut them I think my fingers look weird.  I have long, skinny fingers (should have learned piano darn it lol), so nails with length look better on me.


However, about an hour ago, I was trying to get into child proof/teen proof/adult proof medicine pack.  I was using my thumb nail and, apparently, using too much pressure.  Although my nails are strong and I use Nutra Nail to keep them that way and healthy, my nail was no match for the pack.  It bent and the outer side was broken.  So I had to cut it, and since one nail was way shorter than all the others, I chopped the rest of them cause the unevenness bugged me.  Now it's back to short nails for a bit.  Dang it lol.


Short squared French tip or very neutral light color.


I like my nails to be a little bit long, just a little bit longer than the tips of my fingers, if that makes sense.  When they get longer than that, they look pretty, but they get in my way when doing everyday things like typing or applying makeup, etc.  I usually keep my nails about the length in the photo below:
I'd like to keep them a bit longer, but they just don't feel comfortable any longer.
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About 1mm of white on the end. Smiley Happy Nice, healthy look.

I'm an art student, so I break them all the time if they get any longer.


Luckily, I have very naturally long nail beds, so it doesn't take much growth for them to look "long" (and, most importantly, for me to have plenty to paint!).


My mother, on the other hand, has super short nail beds, so she has to have about 4mm of white for her nails to be as long as mine when they're cut to the quick!


So it also depends on your personal nail shape and size. I say 1mm of white is pretty safe for any length. (But I can't paint my mom's nails when they're that short! Haha~)


My hands are a little on the small side as are my fingers so I like to keep them on the long side but it gets annoying when one or a couple of them break and then I'm left with two long nails on each hand and the rest are shorter Smiley Sad

But, generally, it goes my color for me ( I know, I'm such a freak).

If I am wearing a dark or vampy color I'll keep them more on the short side.

If I am wearing light/ bright colors, I'll go a  little longer. So basically this Summer I'll be rocking the long nails!!


And right now I'm wearing Revlon's top speed nail enamel in Cloud. A kind of periwinkle gray, it really does remind me of a rain cloud.




i LOVE LONG NAILSSS!! My nails grow fast go i  usally have very long nails.Smiley Wink

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I love the way long nails look on other people, but personally I like to keep mine short because I cook alot. Smiley Wink If it weren't for my passion for cooking I'd have long nails but I like to keep then short and sweet. 


Short all the way baby!!!


I like my nails to be short for a few reasons: First of all, knowing myself, I would always tap my fingers if my nails were long! Too distracting for me! Also, I play the piano and my fingers always "trip" when my nails get in the way. For sports, same concept (plus I wouldn't want to  break a nail-- ouch!). And, I'd be afraid of snagging or scratching anything I come in contact with! Short nails are best for me, but it depends on a person's personal preference of personality! (Thought I might add in some alliteration to close!) Smiley Happy

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I like my nails ultrashort. I snag them on everything otherwise and since they are thin, they tend to break off if they are much longer than my nailbed, so I have made peace with their length. When I was younger I tried to grow them longer and I always broke one so I had to trim the others to match, it was so aggravating! I accept that I live a busy life and longer nails wouldn't work. I do admire a great manicure though, Mermadelove has awesome nails and pandapple's nail art is so amazing!!!

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I'm with islandqt on this one.  Color dictates length!  Darker colors on shorter nails...lighter ones on longer nails.

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