How long should you wait to apply a clear top coat on nail polish?

I've heard that you should wait a minute some places and 15 minutes in others. I want a smooth finish that keeps the polish even. Thanks so much!!!

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I paint my nails and spray them with the Sephora by OPI Quick Drying Spray which dries them instantly so I can go ahead and apply my top coat.  I then spray my top coat to dry it instantly, as well.  The OPI Quick Dry Spray is really awesome and if you're interested you can find it here:;jsessionid=4MX5ZPS3MFNHSCV0KQLQX0Q?id=P281413&categoryId...

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Well if you are applying a clear coat on a solid color (such as just pink or blue), I would suggest applying a clear coat as soon as the color is dry. However, if you have a design on your nails (such as a flower or dots) then wait 15-20 minutes to apply a clear coat to avoid smearing the design. 

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It depends on the nail polish you've applied and how many coats you applied. Obviously the thicker the coat and the more coats, the longer it'll take those nails to dry. Also I find that pale colours in general tend to need extra coats and require longer drying times than darker shades. This is true (in my experience) for almost all the brands.


Also, each brand uses different formula and may have varying dry down time as a result. There really is no set rule for how long you should wait. It really depends on the product and the circumstance.

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It depends on which top coat formula you choose to use. I personally find myself only using fast drying top coats, specifically Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.


I apply it to my nails about a minute after I finish painting them. A minute from that point and my nails are dry to the touch and in five minutes they are completely dry (unless I used a ton of coats of polish, then I usually apply a second coat of Seche Vite and wait another 5 minutes for it to completely dry).


Seche Vite dries my nails fast and leaves a perfect smooth, glossy finish.

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Well it depends on how long it takes for your nailpolish to dry. Most of mine dry pretty much instantly or after about a minute. Older formulas take a long time to dry. I have 4 nailpolishes that used to dry in a minute but now take 30 min or longer to dry. Most polishes expire after 2 years so make sure you replace them. Also you dont need to spend more than a $1 on a topcoat. I recently ran out of a NYC one I got from Target for .99 cents and just a few days ago I bought a Wet and Wild one for .93 cents at HEB and it is fantastic. It makes your polish last SO long, it makes them super shiny and it dries quickly. Usually my polish falls off after a couple of days and I always have to redo a couple of nails but ever since I put this on my nails look like I just did them everyday! 


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