Holiday Nails

Happy Holidays everyone Smiley Very Happy 

It has been a while since I have posted, but things have slowed down for the holidays (not so much homework yay Smiley Very Happy ) I did this fun nail design today: nails.jpg

in the first picture from left to right: Candycane, snowflake, santa, snowman, another snowflake. 

Apply a base coat

1) Candycan design- Apply a red polish all over the nail. Taking a white nail polish or art pen draw a thick diagonal line toward the top of the nail. Underneath that line, draw a thinner one. Leave a big space then repeat the process.

2. Snowflake design- Apply a navy blue (shimmering) polish all over the nail and draw the snowflake on with white nail art pen or white nail polish and a tooth pick. Draw 4 Y shapes connected a a center point draw a small X through the center of the dot, not touching the Ys. Add little white dots around the snowflake to make it feel more full and dimentional. You can use silver accents as well. Another fun thing you can do is add a glitter topcoat on this nail. 

3. Santa- Use a peach or skin tone polish all over the nail. Draw a thick red line from the top of the nail for where his hat will end. When that dries draw a small puffy line at the bottom of the hat. From the bottom end of the nail, messily apply white nail polish, this will be his beard. With black polish and a toothpick or nail art pen/brush draw his eyes and smile in Smiley Happy 

4. Snowman design- Using a light blue nail polish as a background (or any color you want). Draw a small white dot toward the top of the nail (not touching, leave room for the hat). Then a medium and large sized dot under that. Take red nail polish and make him a scarf between the small and large dot. Take the black nailpolish and draw an upside down thick "T" for his tophat ontop of the small dot. Add eyes on the small dot, and buttons down the middle and large dot. 

Thanks Smiley Very Happy 

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