Halloween Nails 2
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Thank you everyone for posting nail polishes options under $5 Smiley Very Happy 

This is what I created with the green and black polishes that I bought. 

1. Paint your nails with a green color (all over the nail)

2. Using a black color, make a messy subtle "v" at one end of your nail, this will be the hair lin. OR

Make a iine across one end of your nail and using a tooth pick, drag the color down in a few areas to make it look messy

3. Using white, dab some on a piece of paper

4. Take a toothpick and smash an end of the tooth pick down to get a flat edge (or use a dotting tool)

5. Use your smashed tooth pick or dotting tool to create 2 dots under neath the hair (these will be the eyes)

6. When the white dries, using the sharp end of the tooth pick, make two smaller black dots for the irises of the eye

7. When makeing the mouth, give it some charachter, I changed it up a lot with the mouth, but basically I dabed some black on a piece of paper, used the sharp end of the tooth pick and drew short lines to make up one fluid line for the mouth. 

Good Luck Smiley Very Happy 


They are frankenstien faces Smiley Happy 

Hope this inspires you for Halloween comming up Smiley Wink It is a bit early but... Smiley Wink 

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