Gel nail cleaning pads
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I have the OPI gel nail kit but am running out of the pads you spray cleaner on after you manicure is finished.  What can I use in place of them?

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I'd imagine you could use soft felt or even light microfiber material from a craft/hobby or fabric store. I know sheets of craft felt are sold for about twenty cents and there's always bargains on precut/extra scraps you can rummage through.


The felt is also great to double as remover pads! Soap felt squares in remover or acetone, apply on top of nail, wrap in foil and let it soak in and saturate the polish for about 5-10 minutes, the felt is a bit more durable than regular cotton for the process, and this removal process also works well for regular polishes that have chunky glitter since the felt won't just fall apart and get ripped apart by glitter snags!

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i dont use opi gel color i use gelish but i found just plain old alcohol pads do the trick other than that i use a thick paper towel like bounty it dosent lent

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