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So, I got my nails done at a salon for my birthday and had the axxium soak off gels done. I noticed the next day that there were bubbles in the polish and within two days, the edges of some nails were lifting. Before I could get to the salon the following week to have them fixed, they had all flaked off and left my nails in some rough shape.


Has anyone tried the Sally Hensen ones to do at home? I heard about another one called Nutragel (I think that's what it's called). Any input would be appreciated.

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If they had bubbles, they put the coats of gel on too thick.  That is the main reason for bubbling.  I personally find Shellac or Gelish to be much better and are gel/polishes than Soak of Gels applied with a brush.  If Gel nails are not properly applied, they will chip, bubble, etc.  They also need to have the correct light as not all 36 watt lights cure the same.

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