Gaga nails

This is for my lady gaga costume.


It matches and it a very glittery look:

1. Use a base coat

2. Apply black nail polish all over your nails

3. Take a silver nail polish and a makeup wedge sponge

4. Taking the side corner of the sponge, apply silver to it

5. Dab the silver on the wedge on the  very bottom (or top) half of your nail 

6. Go back and fade it out with the wedge leftover of nail polish

7. For GAGA-ness add a crazy amount of glitter (mine kind of masked the fading effect, so maybe use the glitter ONLY on the most concentrated part of the silver and use topcoat on the rest of the nail)


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That is awesome!  And it'll go perfectly with your costume.


I think that will look super GAGA and perfect with the costume love it ! Smiley Happy


So cute and glittery! Smiley Happy Love it!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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