Favorite Jelly Finish Polishes

Recently I accidentally discovered that I love jelly finish polishes. However, short of trying every polish in the world, I don't know how to pin down which ones are jelly and which aren't. So Far I have Deborah Lippman "Glitter in the AIr" and RBL Bikini Bottom. Anyone else love JEllies?

Which ones are your favorites? Which brands do you prefer?

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Hey, mermade!  I did some research for someone on BT who wanted to find out the sames of some of the new OPI jelly or sorbet finished polishes and here's what I came up with:

OPI has a new "Texas Collection" of polishes with a sorbet finish, which includes the following polishes:
- San Tan-tonio

- Ya'll Come Back Ya Hear
- Guy Meets Gal-veston
- I Want To Be A Lone-Star
- It's Totally Fort Worth It
- Austin-tation Turquoise
- Too Hot Pink to Hold Em
- Do You Think I'm Tex-y
- Houston We Have A Purple
- Suzi Loves Cowboys

As far as I can tell, the sorbet and jelly finishes are one and the same.  If I'm wrong about that, please let me know. 

Hope this helps!

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I'm going to bump this because I accidentally wore a yummy, squishy jelly today (Julep Sarah) and now have an appetite for more jellies.


Any recent reocmmendations?

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