Coral nail polish for fair skin. Is it possible?
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Nice weather is coming this way.  I'm thinking about getting a pedicure to celebrate.  However, I always come in a quandary when it comes to nail polish colors.  I really do not do this often (maybe a once- twice a year thing) so I'm a bit clueless.  Also considering wearing a pair of turquoise cloth sandals to go with it.


Could I get away with a coral color or will it look really awful?  Or should I look into something that is similar but would be more flattering to my skin tone? (MUFE's HD in 110 -115, more of a neutral undertone but veins are slightly bluier if that helps at all).  No crazy pinks please.


I know the salon does not carry the Sephora line (boo) but they do have the rest of OPI.  Any similar colors here that I can show the technician what I'm looking for?


Thanks in advance!

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I have the perfect coral colors from OPI that I use so often in the summer time!

One is more of a peachy, pink but it's definitely got some coral undertones to it... the name is Chapel of Love...

The other is more of an orange-peach color and it's so opaque that you only need one coat. the name is Melon of Troy.

Hope this helps! You will not be disappointed with these colors!

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