Ciate Caviar Manicure
So, I've been intrigued by the Ciate manicure set with the beads but after reading reviews and seeing how they last for only a few days at best, I have been hesitant to spend $25 on the set. I have nail polish, the only thing missing was the beads...I went online and googled it, and a bunch of YouTube videos came up. They showed people doing their own by buying microbeads, little beads without holes in them. I went to the craft store and bought hot pink and black for now. I decided to try it on two fingers on each hand, my pointer and ring fingers, at first since I've never done it before. I painted my nails hot pink, and mixed the two colors of beads together in a small cup. When I got to the fingers for the beads, I layerd the polish on thick, and dipped my fingers in the beads and pressed them on tightly. The came my top coat. I must say, my do it yourself project turned out quite nice. I wish I didnt use an iPad, I have no idea how to post a picture from here. I'm going to try! Stay tuned. Has anyone tried this or any other do it yourself when the product seemed more expensive than it should be? If so, please share!
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So I was looking on the sephora website and saw typography nails...$16...I dont think so! For a year or 2 I've been doing newspaper nails (same thing) by just doing this:

1. paint your nails white or a nude/light color and let them dry.

2. Dip your nails in rubbing alcohol, take a piece of regular old fashioned newspaper and press it on your nail for 30-40 seconds.

3. When you take off the newspaper you'll have the print on your nails.

You'll get so many compliments and will be even more glad you barely spent any money at all! Hope you use this money saving tecnique!

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I should have read this post before responding to the other one.  My bad lol.

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