Chanel Nail Polish - worth the money?

Do you guys think that Chanel nail polish is worth the money? I would love to have Blue Satin and Rouge Fatal, but $25 dollars seems like a lot for a nail polish. Especially for a teenager who makes minimum wage. Is the quality different from that of OPI or Essie at all? 

I would love to have it, but I want to make sure that's it's worth the splurge before I spend my money on it. 

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Honestly I love Chanel polish but I think nail polish has come so far that there is very little difference between brands and what has managed to keep Chanel apart from everyone else is that they're always coming out with the "trendy" cool colors first and everyone copies them. So if you want the hottest shade for the season first then Chanel is the place to go.

Pros about Chanel polishes:

--They last a loooong time and I have never seen them separate EVER!

--Take a long time to chip (if they ever do chip)

--As I said before, Chanel comes out first and everyone else are imitators.

--You will never need more than two coats

--formula is incredibly rich and creamy so your nails don't ahev to be perfect for it to look smooth. It also makes the application foolproof.

--Their top coat reall does give a ridiculous shine to the nails. Love it.


--Some colors are overhyped and swatch not true to color like Paradoxal. In the bottle it has this delicious purple frost/shimmer but just ends up looking gray on your nail.

--As good as they are I don't know if they are $25 good. Brands I think compare in terms of longevity and consistency are Orly, Ciate, Butter london and Nailtini.

--While they often come out with fantastic limited edition shades I find their regular line to be a bit on the safe side, often getting a bit redundant ( I personally think there are far too many pale pinks and beiges in the collection).

--Their base coat is something I would skip on. Sally Hansen, Orly and Seche Vite all make ones that are comparable in my opinion.


In the end nail polish is the same basic formula and I think brands set themselves apart more with things like packaging, color range/innovation and longevity. There are lots of great brands that will give you the hotness without breaking your bank account.


Hope this helps you!

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