Chanel Nail Polish - worth the money?

Do you guys think that Chanel nail polish is worth the money? I would love to have Blue Satin and Rouge Fatal, but $25 dollars seems like a lot for a nail polish. Especially for a teenager who makes minimum wage. Is the quality different from that of OPI or Essie at all? 

I would love to have it, but I want to make sure that's it's worth the splurge before I spend my money on it. 

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I have Blue Satin and a few other Chanel polishes.  And yes, they're very expensive!  I try not to get it unless it's a really unique colour that isn't duplicated by any other company.  In general, I don't find Chanel nail polish to be of great value unless you can easily afford it (which I did when I was working full-time but not now as a university student).  OPI and Essie and even China Glaze are excellent affordable nail polish with a wide range of colour.  Basically, the darker the polish the more opaque it applies.  So despite the high price tag, Chanel polishes with pale colour don't apply as easily or nicely as you might think.  Blue Satin applies well, however.  I don't know about Rouge Fatal since I don't own it.


It's up to you, really.  With the $50 you spend on 2 Chanel nail polishes, you can get 5 or more other nail polishes.  But if you think the shades are unique and worth the money, go ahead and splurge.

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