Chanel Nail Polish - worth the money?

Do you guys think that Chanel nail polish is worth the money? I would love to have Blue Satin and Rouge Fatal, but $25 dollars seems like a lot for a nail polish. Especially for a teenager who makes minimum wage. Is the quality different from that of OPI or Essie at all? 

I would love to have it, but I want to make sure that's it's worth the splurge before I spend my money on it. 

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I just purchased my first Chanel nail color and I noticed a big difference between it and other brands I love Essie and OPI.  I purchased a really dark burgundy/brown, which is a gorgeous color and is from the new Spring 2013 line.  I wanted a dark color, because I can usually get away with a light beige color in terms of chipping and I wanted to see what sort of quality Chanel possesses in that front...Anyway, I found that the Chanel nail polish is by far easier to apply.  I have a tendency to really botch my at home manicures, especially when it's a dark color, this polish was effortless...I don't know what it might be the brush or the formula but it's magnificent.  Also, I noticed that it's not stinky...something I hate!  It dries VERY quickly and living in a wet  climate (seattle) makes it hard to keep nail polish from smudging.  Also 2 light coats is all you need...It's worth it to buy a dark shade, I would say light and pink shades you can get away with a cheaper brand...

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