Can anyone recommend a good opaque white nail polish?

Hi everyone!


I am on a quest for a great white nail polish. I want to use it as both a base coat under sheer polishes or just as a base for nail art. I'm open to pretty much any brand (doesn't need to be carried at Sephora)


I'm looking for a polish that is...


1. Completely opaque with only 1 or 2 light coats

2. Streak free

3. Not goopy/ overly thick-- the white polish I tried was extremely thick and would not apply evenly. Definitely not a good look!

4. No DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde


The only white polish I've tried is OPI for Sephora-- White Hot (streaky, goopy, requires many coats)



Thank you so much for your help!! <3

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Hi Littlejoy,


I wanted to also suggest the Sephora by OPI White Hot - opaque white. One coat whites out your nails!


SEPHORA by OPI - Nail Colour



<3 Melissa
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