Can I use a UV light for regular nail polish
I have a huge collectiion of regular Sephora by OPI nail polish but like the shellac polish. Can I use the UV lamp on a regular polish to make it last a bit longer? I usually have a girls night on the weekend with my daughter so we do our nails almost once a week but would like to make it for a week at least without them regular polish chipping after 2 days.
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What I've found useful is to put a few coats of regular nail polish. Make sure this is completely dry!!

If you don't allow suffient time to dry and you brush the gel coat on right after even after placing under LED light,

you will notice immediately that your nail polish is bubbled and will appear tacky/sticky.


If there is no harm with placing your hands with regular nail polish on under the light.

Then I would suggest doing that first to ensure that everything is cured properly.

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