Can I use a UV light for regular nail polish
I have a huge collectiion of regular Sephora by OPI nail polish but like the shellac polish. Can I use the UV lamp on a regular polish to make it last a bit longer? I usually have a girls night on the weekend with my daughter so we do our nails almost once a week but would like to make it for a week at least without them regular polish chipping after 2 days.
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Hi staceejean, 


I agree,sometimes the UV Lamps are meant to help dry and lengthen the lifetime of a polish, but I'm honestly not too sure if this can work with any type of polish. To keep my polish from chipping I make sure to use a strong anti chip top coat and follow up with a spritz of a quick dry nail polish spray. This does wonders in keeping my nails strong and healthy, ,and also from splitting and wearing out too quickly.


OPI By Sephora Nail Treatment

Nail Treatment - 3 in 1 Base, Top, & Strengthener


Perfekt Formula Pink Gel Coat

Pink Gel Coat


Sephora by OPI Nail Colour Quick Dry Spray


Nail Colour Quick Dry Spray

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

I know that many salons have people place their hands underneath UV light to help the nails dry, but I'm not sure at what heat or what concentration of UV light that is. Also, shelac is chemically made to be baked onto the nail. From a chemical standpoint, I'm not sure if regular nail polish will be able to handle being baked onto the nail...


You can always apply an extra coat of clear top coat every day or every other day to your mani to help prolong it. Another thing to try is to put a glitter topcoat over the upper portion of the nail where the chipping is. It gives a fun flair to your mani and it hides chips.


Hope this helps!

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What I've found useful is to put a few coats of regular nail polish. Make sure this is completely dry!!

If you don't allow suffient time to dry and you brush the gel coat on right after even after placing under LED light,

you will notice immediately that your nail polish is bubbled and will appear tacky/sticky.


If there is no harm with placing your hands with regular nail polish on under the light.

Then I would suggest doing that first to ensure that everything is cured properly.

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The basic answer is this.. No, regular nail polish under straight UV light will not have any effect on the polish's strength or longevity. UV light can very slightly speed up drying time by helping to evaporate some of the polymers in the polish. With regular polish, a UV/Fan dryer combo is your greatest bet.

You can sandwich your regular nail polish in between a UV base and UV Gel Top coat. That will give you a longer wear, just like a gel mani. Best bet to let your regular polish dry thoroughly before applying the gel top coat.

I am a licensed Nail Technician and I use this technique countless times a day for clients who wish to use a color that isn't available in Gel form, and I have yet to have any complaints.


Hope this helps!


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UV light does not work on regular nail polish. most polishs have a  drying agent called acetone. in regular polish there is no active ingrediant that helps cure the polish to the nail.. some places may say it works but it truly does NOT unless the product has the activators in it...

shellac,gelish,xtame are all nail polishs that are made for uv light to cure to the natural nail


when polishing, use base coat and then cap the free edge of the nail <tip of nail> then color, cap again, then top coat, can again so make sure the free edge is caped with product. for really good polish you need to try LCN it takes a  longg time to dry because it does not contain acetone, that polish will almost never chips



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Can you use the UV light with regular fingernail polish?

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When you go into a salon and they put your regular polish manicure under a UV light it is because they ever used a UV topcoat on you, or they are just having you do it so that you sit still for a few minutes so polish isn't smudges. UV light does nothing to regular polish. 


You can buy a UV topcoat however. It is different from the Gelish, Shellac, etc which are "soak off gel" formulas thatrequire a base Coat. People have used those with regular polish but in mostexperiences you have to let the polish dry thoroughly for hours before applying a soak off gel base then topcoat. Even then it doesn't last as long. A UV topcoat you apply like a regular topcoat then dry under UV for 3 minutes. It dries all thelayers of polish under it as well. You can get them at beauty supply stores. 

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