Breast Cancer Awareness Nails

This didn't exactly come out as I wanted, but I did learn a lesson from it: Chunky glitter polish is NOT for detailed work lol.



breast cancer awareness nails.JPG



It was hard to capture all four of the pinks I sponged on to my nails, but they are there.  That's one reason why my cuticles are a bit messy, but it came off in the shower lol.  Here's what I used (even though it's hard to tel):




Bridge the Ridge Base Coat

China Glaze White on White

Orly Cotton Candy

OPI If You Moust, You Moust

OPI A-Rose from the Dead

OPI Pink Friday





Rhinestones (love rhinestones! Smiley Very Happy  )

China Glaze Material Girl  (aka pain in the butt for detail work)

LA Colors Art Deco in Silver Glitter  (glitter that is formulated for art, and it only cost me a buck at Dollar General lol)



Although it's kinda hard to tell in the picture, the colors are sponged on together randomly with a makeup sponge.  Kind of like the effect people do to their walls.  I still miss my long nails, but I've already noticed some growth! 

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Yeah, its a short nail life for us. Lucky for you, it seems that you have wider nails than me, so when mine are short I can barely do anything on them haha.

I like the design, how you carried it between the nails, and I really like the rhinestones


~We are all beautiful~


I really like that glittery pink China Glaze! SO cute and pretty, plus I like that you're recognizing BCA!! I have a few of the Art Deco polishes and they're super great for doing specific details and decorations. Smiley Happy


Thanks for sharing with us! I painted my nails a pale pink but it came out sort of peachy coral, I think it will look better once I add some sparkles Smiley Happy



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

So awesome!


Yeah, chunky glitters are a bit clumsy.


I actually like your nail at that length. That's like the perfect length for me. I am guilty of cutting them super short since I type on computer all day and I'm too lazy/busy to cut my nails every week. =X. That length is long enough for nail art, but short enough to be convinient, unfortunately, that's also the length when my nails start touching the keyboard and I cut them due to annoyance. Yeah, it's a part of me that I haven't figure out how to deal yet.



Very cute, Kimmi! Very creative tooSmiley Happy

<3 Melissa
Great look, I like how you carried the design from one finger to the next. I like your shorter nail looks you post, I can't grow mine much past finger end length because I am always breaking them. Even wearing work gloves, I'm hard on my nails, that's why I have to do my fancy nail looks on my toes!
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