4th of July Nails

Although the 4th is on a Wednesday this year, I went ahead and did my nails since the weekend will be quite busy.  I went kind of all out with it since I'm going to enter it into a contest on Instagram.  While doing my nails, it felt like I didn't use that many polishes, but the bottle count says other wise lol.  Here are the various items I used.  Two of them came in just in time! Although I didn't win the neon contest I entered, I won a random drawing prize pack since I was in the top 10.  It made my morning that day lol.




Paper is for proof that it is my work for the contest and not stolen from the internet.




Ring, middle, and index fingers are gradient style.




The glitter mess is to represent sparkly fireworks lol.





Gradient closeup.





Here are the tools and polishes I used.  I'm surprised my mom didn't ask what in the world I was doing lol.




Bridge the ridge as basecoat (I had a rough glitter removal, and there are a few "dents" in my nails)

Avon Smudge Corrector to smooth white polish

Seche Vite Top Coat

Cina Bonder

Sally Girl Loose glitter






Red Cina glitter

makeup sponges for gradient nails

Cina Dial A Gem Rhinestones





OPI: Your Web or Mine?

OPI: An Affair in Red Square

Essie: some sort of burgundy color lol





China Glaze: White on White

OPI: She's Golden

California Nails: some sort of shimmery white lol.  I had never seen this brand before; it came in the prize pack.





Confetti: Blue Bombshell (prize)

Fingerpaints: Cerulean Seascape

OPI: Into the Night





Surprisingly, it did not take forever to do.  However, it looks like it would by looking at all the polish I used lol.  I can only imagine what dad would have said if he was home at that time, but he was at work.



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I love them, kimmi!  So festive!  I'll be doing my 4th of July nails tonight or tomorrow...as soon as I decide how I want to do them.  Good luck in the contest!

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