why do you wear make up?

I started wearing make up more often after I gained 20 punds and everything seems not so good. collecting 3 foundation, 3 blush on  2 lipstick and I started learning a lot on make up like need moisturizer, primer setting spray and trying to learn eye shadow now but not sure if im going to learn it. thanks


Re: why do you wear make up?

I started wearing makeup because I never really had. From a young age I had been brainwashed by my hippie grandmother, against everything from Tampons to Makeup to Medicine and as I moved out and became an adult I started to see that most of it was crazy.


I look at makeup as an expression. If I'm wearing an edgy outfit I'll do makeup to match, Something princessy then obviously my makeup will be just as sweet. I finally feel that my daily self expression is complete


Re: why do you wear make up?

When I was a little girl I took dance classes, and had to wear makeup for recitals. My mom let me keep this one inexpensive palette with blush and eyeshadow that I used to play with during the rest of the year. So you could say I got hooked from an early age! I started really getting into makeup and purchasing my own products in high school. I've always loved to draw and paint, and so I guess using makeup stemmed from that passion. It is an art in a lot of ways. In college I got into ballroom dancing, and that gave me an opportunity to really explore more dramatic makeup applications. Ultimately though, I wear makeup for me. I feel like it's part of how I express who I am and how I feel about myself. 


Re: why do you wear make up?

I started wearing it for fun as a teenager, and now I wear it to look more polished and professional (thanks, prettyinpa; I'm borrowing your adjectives). Even though I don't need the works to leave the house, I always put on eyeliner and mascara, even if I'm not going anywhere really important. It makes me look more put together (and like myself!). I also think it's fun; I love experimenting with different colors and combinations. As janinebt stated, it really is a form of art. :smileyhappy:


Re: why do you wear make up?

First to improve the look of my skin.  And secondly because I love it and it's fun.


Re: why do you wear make up?

Hi redrose04,


I wear makeup because it makes me feel good and enhances my features. It's also a ton of fun to experiment with different looks, I look at makeup as a medium. It is another form of art.

Whimsically yours,

Re: why do you wear make up?

I started to really wear makeup when i was just in my second year of high school. I wear makeup basically because i love it. Simple as that. It's fun to try new products and i must say my favorite part of the day is when im getting ready to put makeup on!


Re: why do you wear make up?

I started wearing make up just last year at the age of 24. And I wear makeup because its so much fun to do but especially when I have blemishes to conceal which doesnt happen all too often thank goodness! Now I stalk youtube and forums like this one in order to get ideas, inspiration and suggestions on how to apply my makeup better and what colors pair well together. 


Re: why do you wear make up?

I wear makeup for work because I'm expected to look polished and professional. On the weekends, I wear makeup just for fun when going out. My skin is good enough that I can usually get away with only BB cream or tinted moisturizer, so I don't need to pile it on.


Eye shadow application is pretty easy, it just takes practice. There's a lot of instructional videos on YouTube and Sephora has tutorials from time to time on TV (located in upper right side of toolbar on top of page). Practice right before you are going to take a shower or wash your face, then if you get it on wrong, it's easy to start over.

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