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which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

Hi I would like to know which of the make ups are of both better quality and "brand name ".
Say I love MAC's, but I started out to use them as a teen as they are more affordable. I now have my own career I am looking for something more of the upper end if you know what I mean. Thanks for any suggestions.

Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I cannot agree more that more expensive doesn't necessarily mean better quality. But I guess most brands do have a target clientele. And sometimes sadly we just couldn't help but be a brand sucker.

Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

Top Pick:

Kevyn Aucoin Beauty-'The Sensual Skin Enhancer'...its a foundation and it comes in a very small jar, but it will last you for AGES!!! all you need is a pea size for your whole face. It retails for $45 and you can get it a nordstrom.



The lip glosses are amazing. They are so lovely. The glosses retail from $28-30



The "Illusion D'Ombre" long-wear eyeshadows are the best cream eyeshadows Ive used. They are beautiful, and they retail for $36.


Sunday Riley:

You can find these products on I havent tried anything from this line, but a lot of people have been saying good things about it!


One more that I can think of is "Clé de Peau". I havn't used anyting from that brand yet, but I know that they charge $60 for a lipstick...and around $80 for some tinted mouisterizer lol.


But like everyone else has been saying, more expensive does not equal better quality. But if expensive is what you are after, "Clé de Peau" is pretty pricy!!!


Good luck!!!

Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

I second beautytester in that more expensive does not always equal higher quality -- but some of the best quality makeup I have ever found has been from:


Burberry (a really, really impressive line)




Armani Beauty


(All of the above are higher-end except that NARS is more mid-range)


Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

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@katie1724  My nearby Sephora in JCP must not have many of the super high end brands, because I thought NARS was in that category lol.  I'm fairly certain that's the most expensive brand it carries (not counting the various brands of perfumes).  MUFE would probably be second.  However, I haven't been there in a while, so they may have changed some things out since they were phasing out Cargo.

Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

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kimmi---Sephora doesnt really carry any of the *super* high end brands like the ones Katie mentioned (armani, burberry, chanel,) and tom ford and such, those are usually sold at places like Saks and Neiman Marcos.


The brands that are sold at Sephora that I consider high end are Givenchy, Nars, Dior, Guerlain, Edward Bess, Hourglass and Illamasqua because they are a lot more expensive (as a whole) than brands like Benefit, Buxom, Bare Minerals, UD, Stila and so on. However, I'm basing this solely on price. I have not tried all of these brands and know very well (sadly...) that just because an item is overpriced, that that doesnt mean that its actually worth the price. I'm a sucker for Dior (dont judge me) but some of their items, like their eyeshadows, especially the ones in palettes arent any better in quality than UD (and some are worse than UD). I have a Clarins eye shadow quad and aside from UD, it is *the* best eyeshadow formula that I have ever tried, super pigmented, lasts all day without primer, no fallout, creamy and goes on like a dream, and its not super expensive. The one I have is discontinued (curses....) but the full price was 40 bucks, I happened to get mine for 10 bucks at TJ Maxx. And this $10 Clarins quad that I have is a lot better in quality than my Dior quad that cost a lot more than the UD naked palette. I still love it, dont get me wrong but if I ignore the brand name and packaging and look at only the quality of the item itself, the Clarins quad beats the Dior quad by a landslide. No contest whatsoever. CARGO has some super high quality items that are so good and so luxe but the price is decent. Their color sticks are the best, and so much better than NARS Multiples and they are so much cheaper.

Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

Chanel eyeshadow, blushes, and nail polish.  Too bad Sephora doesn't carry it

Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

I agree with the others.  Although you always hear "you get what you pay for," that is not always the case.  Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands, but it isn't in the highest price range.  I'm always willing to try anything from UD without any fear, although there are a few products that I believe could use some work.


In my stash, the most luxuarious items I have are from NARS.  I LOVE their lipstick!  I have the cruising shade, and I wear it more than my other lip products.  Their bronzer is good, too, but I'm so-so on their mascara. 

Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?


Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

dior dior dior dior! i love my dior lipgloss, and will be saving up to buy more goodies! since i only have one product from htem, i can't say a lot, but that one product is amazing! plus i hear rave reveiws all the time about it. also, benefit is awesome, i love the "  cute factor " of that brand. 

Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

Hi ellacen,


The upper ends are not always better but to answer your question:



2. YSL

3. Guerlain

4. Givenchy


I too thought I wanted to change to a higher end makeup and went right back to the MAC studiofix powder foundation that I have worn for 10 years plus, there's a reason why it's the best selling makeup and why the girls who know about it keep coming back! Hope this helps! Smiley Happy


Re: which are the more luxuarious make up brands?

Well, more expensive is not always better and MAC is a good brand. Of the popular/good make up I hear, the ones from luxe brands are:

- Guerlain bronzer/powder.

- Armani and chanel foundation.

- Dior and YSL eye/lips make up.

- SK-II and Dior skincare.


Not from luxe brand but very good: Hourglass primer and Too Faced brushes.

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