what to wear at 11?

I'm 11 and i'm trying to convince my mom that i am capible of wearing makeup without over doing it... any suggestions?

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Well it depends on why you think you need makeup.

If you want to just experiment with it, I'd say either blush or eyeshadow in subtle shades.

I know people are saying lip gloss and lip smackers and chapstick and things like that. But I started wearing makeup at 12 (I'm 13 1/2 now), and I know that isn't enough for most kids. To me, it was boring. You want something that will make you look a little more mature at that age, something that will enhance your appearance.


Look in the mirror. Why do you think you need makeup? Here's some things you might say, along with my suggestions:


1. "I have bad skin."

If you have acne, don't just try to cover it up. Find a really good acne treatment- check out Clinique. And if you really want a concealer, for either acne or undereye circles, that's about as subtle as it gets lol. Clinique has some great concealers you can check out in the process. I like the Advanced Concealer for $14. Here's Clinique's Sephora Page: http://www.sephora.com/browse/brand_hierarchy.jhtml?brandId=Clinique

What if you have another problem, such as overly red skin or an uneven skin tone? I'd still recommend Clinique for any skin issues, but then you would look into foundations and powders instead of concealers and acne treatments.


2. "I always look tired because I have to get up early for school."

First of all, sleep more. Every night, push your bedtime back twenty minutes. When you wake up a few minutes before your alarm goes off in the morning, you've found your perfect bedtime! You have to stick to it now. Don't stay up later on weekends or holidays- make yourself go to bed and fall asleep at the same time each night. You'll see differences when you wake up naturally and actually feel good Smiley Very Happy

If you still look a little tired, here's some tips: Try putting a small amount of shimmery white or beige eyeshadow right under the arch in your eyebrow and in the inner corner of your eye. Blend it a little so it looks more natural. This will help you look more awake. You can also get a brightening face primer, such as Benefit's That Gal, or use a highlighter on your cheeks instead of a blush, such as Benefit's High Beam. Here is Benefit's product page: http://www.sephora.com/browse/brand_hierarchy.jhtml?brandId=Benefit%20Cosmetics


3. "I'm so pale, my face has no color."

First of all, it's okay to be pale. Do NOT go tanning, and don't use bronzer, because it's difficult to master and unnecessary for someone so young. If you want a pop of color, try a sheer blush, such as NAR's blush in Amour , or Sephora's Blush Me! Mono in Rose Rebelle or Framboise Attraction (My first blush!!). Apply with a blush brush or kabuki brush to the apples of your cheeks and blend out towards the ear. These blushes are sheer enough to add a little color without making it obvious you have blush on.


4. "I just want to stand out more. My face is boring."

First of all, remember you are beautiful with or without makeup Smiley Very Happy You don't need it. But if you really want to add to your appearance, try a subtle shadow and an eyelash curler. Don't use mascara- it's too obvious. We're going for subtle makeup here. An eyelash curler will make your lashes look longer and stand out more without overpowering your face. You can also use an almost skin-tone shadow on your lid that has some shimmer to brighten up your eyes. Try Sephora's colorful mono eyeshadow in Peach Beige 13 , a light rosey beige shimmer. It's not too noticeable but will really make a difference in your look.

You can try the shimmery white shade on your browbone and inner eye corner that I talked about before with this too. Just about any white shimmery shadow should work, try Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Polyester Bride. Then curl your lashes with ELF's eyelash curler or find a curler on sephora. Just search "eyelash curler" in the Sephora search bar above and read the reviews on some of them to find a good one.


5. "I still don't have an answer, Brooke!"

Well, I'm trying Smiley Very Happy jk jk. If you're still confused or not sure, go to the local Sephora with your mom or even the counter at a department store makeup section and ask for help. Tell them your age and that you've never worn makeup, but you don't know where to start.


Try showing your mom this when you talk it over with her. Go through all the tips together and discuss them. Feel free to private message me with any questions you and your mom may have.

And, a tip: Never ever wear makeup without permission. Your mom will find out somehow (Mine did!), and if she didn't give her permission, she won't be happy lol Smiley Happy

Also, don't use a ton of makeup at once. Start with only one or two things, like acne treatments and concealer. As you get older and gain more knowledge on makeup, add other stuff in that you want to try. Don't rush it! Good luck, and have fun!! Smiley Very Happy

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At age 11, I was only allowed to wear lip gloss.  And, honestly, at your age I think lip gloss is enough to give your face a pop of color without overdoing it.  Bonnie Bell makes some really cute, flavored lip glosses.  Some have no color and some have a sheer pop of color.  They usually have a nice fragrance, too.  You can find Bonnie Bell Lip Gloss at most any store such as Ulta, Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, etc.  And be sure to get your parents permission to wear lip gloss before you buy any.

If you want to wear more than lip gloss, you need to discuss with your parents what type of makeup you want to wear and be sure to get their permission before buying any.  If your mom or dad is open to the idea of you wearing some type of makeup, maybe you could go together to a local Sephora, Ulta or department store cosmetics counter and look at the different types of makeup. That will give you a chance to show your mom or dad what you have in mind and give your mom or dad a chance to let you know what the boundaries are.

I think it would be very helpful to you (with your parents' permission, of course) to go to your local Sephora (if you have one close by) and get one of their associates to do a makeover on you.  Be sure to tell them your age so they don’t guess you as being older and so they’ll apply the makeup taking your age into consideration.  Getting the makeover will not only introduce you to the best products for your skin type, but you can also watch and learn how to apply them at the same time.  If you get a makeover at Sephora, you have to purchase a $50 gift card (as payment for the makeover), which you can turn around and use to purchase the products like the ones used on you during the makeover.  If you don’t have a Sephora to go to for a makeover, you can make an appointment with one of the cosmetic counters at a large department store or at an Ulta store in your area.

Hope this helps!
Have a great day!
tenngal Smiley Happy


I have an 11 year old cousin so i would recomond a neautral shadow and a pink gloss not much mascara and a little blush for a full face from makeuppiggy Smiley Very Happy


Tinted lip balm or a little sheer lip gloss is pretty much all you need. An eyelash curler is good because it's almost like mascara, but not using actual makeup, so it's age-appropriate.

If you wanted a little more than that, maybe a very sheer wash of color over lids would be pretty. Try a shade like SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Mono Eyeshadow in Tiny Bubbles 12 Tiny Bubbles 12.


Hope this helps!!

xoxo, Charlotte

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I am 12 now and i started to wear makeup when i was 11! try natural colors at first. You can always work your way into more fun colors as you become more experienced. It only took me a year, and now some of my favorite eyeshadow colors are neon pink and purple! Anyway, 11 is not too young to wear makeup in my opinion, but I would stay away from lipsticks for a year or two ( myonly one right now is a very light bronze one and i dont even use it much). Also eyeliner may look a bit too old on you. Glosses could be very appropriete looking on you if it is the right color! Try ones similar to JUICY TUBES JELLY - Ultra Shiny Lip Gloss in Miracle. It is a very young color and comes out sheer.

JUICY TUBES JELLY - Ultra Shiny Lip GlossMiracle 


For eyeshadow I would go with something like the Stila It Girl Eye Shadow Palette #2. It is very natural and even though the darkest color of the three may look intimidating, it is a very subtle shade.


It Girl Eye Shadow Palette #2


For cheeks I would suggest something very light. Also something that wont look too heavy. Try Too Faced ultra Flushed Blush in Poppy Pink. It has been my go to blush since i got it! It is very light and great for day time and i wear it to school all the time!


Full Bloom Ultra Flush BlushSweet Pink


Now I dont know if you want to use a mascara now,but if you do, I would go with something easy. Like Benefit BADgal Lash Mascara in BADgal Lash. It is a good begginer mascara and wont look to dramatic.


BADgal Lash Mascara0.3 oz BADgal Lash


Hope this helped! Good luck with your mom! Smiley Very Happy

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One way you could convince your mom is on a weekend when you are staying at home all day, ask her if you can show h what you can do and then take it off.
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Colored sheer gloss and maybe a slight swipe of shimmery pastel eyeshadow.  I'm 24 and still love Lip Smackers in Dr. Pepper it smells delicious and adds a pretty tint of color.

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