what should be an everyday makeup routine?

after washing your face in the morning and moisturize what is a simple everyday makeup routine you can do

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Well, makeup routines vary from person to person,  (spot treatments for acne prone, exfoliation for dry skin) but generally washing your face and/or neck with a cleanser that is well suited for your skin type, (combination, oily, dry, sensitive) then continue with a moisturizer that is also customized for your skin type, and then you could go from there and apply a primer if you plan on using a powder foundation, or you could just leave things the way they are with moisturizer. Also, just a tip, make sure that if you do decide to just put on moisturizer, make sure that it has some SPF in it, but also if you plan on wearing foundation(cream, liquid or powder) make sure that that has SPF in it as well.  I hope this helped! Smiley Happy

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