what should a thirteen year old wear to a party ??

soo i have a party on fridday and i have no idea how to do my makeup !! what do u think ?? thanks Smiley Happy)

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Well first of all, I hope you have fun at your party because confidence is the main key to pulling off any look. To help you with your choice in makeup I would start with a light foundation and then use a natural blush on your cheekbones. Next, apply eye shadow to the lid of your eye. Depending on what kind of a party it is your can choose your eye shadow. If it is a Birthday party think of going with a fun color, such as a pretty blue. If it is just a get together party try going with a neutral color such as nude or a smoky grey. Then complete your look with mascara (again depending on what kind of party it is you can decided how much mascara to apply) and a pale pink lip gloss.

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