what makeup should I wear if i have pale skin and blue eyes?


I have a hard time finding a complete look with my blue eyes and very light skin tone. help?

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If you're very pale like I am you need to be careful with foundations.  First you need to know what undertones you have cool or warm.  One easy way to do this is look at the veins in your wrist.  If they look blue that would be cool, and if they look more green that would be warm.  Once you have that figured out you need to go into Sephora and try out some swatches.  Don't swatch on the back of your hand the best place is for sure on your jawline.  It will take some time but you'll find one. You also have to think about what type of coverage you are looking for and what skin concerns you may have and also what formula you are looking for. 


Some brands that I have used in the past that have foundations light enough for me are Makeup Forever HD, Urban Decay Naked, Clinique Perfectly Real, and Lancome.  Amazing cosmetics also has light shades too.  A cool thing about Sephora is they will give you samples of foundation or concealor if you ask.  Get a couple samples before you actually buy.  Hope this helps.

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