tips for doing makeup on a 65 yr old

after my sephora hauling at the mall this weekend my aunt asked if i could help her do her makeup ,kinda revamp her usual look.

i'm not very knowledgeable about the dos and don't for makeup looks on older women . any help i could help her with would be great.

shes got redish brown hair and a medium skin tone if that helps 

Re: tips for doing makeup on a 65 yr old

Since it kind of sounds like she wants a refresh on her standard look, it might help to know what her style is like. Is her fashion stuck a decade (or two or three) ago or is it staying age-appropriately on-trend? Is she a comfortable-shoes-and-no-fuss hair kind of person or a seasonal-dressy-shoe-and-sleek-hair kind of person? 

In general: if she has hooded eyes, you might want to watch a few tutorials for those. The makeup is slightly different from what I saw from a brief moment poking at the photos on you profile here. I have non-age-related hooded eyes and it took me a bit to realize that's why most shadow application suggestions weren't working out for me. 

Don't make the look all-neutral unless she really is an all-neutral kind of person. Giving up all of the color in your daily routine can be as aging as slapping on blue shimmer eyeshadow (seriously, don't.) I'm not saying she needs hot-pink eye liner but showing her how to use a nice purple or deep blue shadow will keep the look from being drab. 


Shimmer is a generally accepted don't but it really depends on her skin. If her skin is smooth and hydrated, it might not be a good idea. Otherwise, you likely want to stick to mattes and satins (no frosts, glitters, shimmers, or foil-y metallics.


Re: tips for doing makeup on a 65 yr old

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definitely comfortable no muss type of gal although her hair spray routine must take a half hour alone lol 

i think she has small hooded eyes which have always been an enemy of mine since i have large eyes with lots of space to do things with but i will check for tutorials since this will help in the future anyway 

her wardrobe is actually quite colorful if that helps 

Re: tips for doing makeup on a 65 yr old

On older women, everything is about brightening and tightening. I do my mother's makeup all the time, and the focus of every look is keeping her (well-kept, which helps A LOT) skin looking youthful and smooth and full of light and vitality. Things I've found that help with this are...

  • a good, rich, hydrating primer (I couldn't recommend Hourglass' No. 28 Primer Serum more, but Cover FX's is cheaper and equally enticing)
  • a good, not too shimmery highlighter--you want glowy, not sparkly. Sparkle can be aging on mature skin, in my personal experience.
  • a rosy color for lips and cheeks--just like the naturally rosy ones girls have in their youth, something natural...not too pink, slightly dustier/more muted...looks beautiful and really brightens up the whole face.

I hope this helps!

Re: tips for doing makeup on a 65 yr old

I do not know much, but I think that Lisa Eldridge has a tutorial called "Mature makeup" that might help you out!

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