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What should my summer makeup routine include?

Here's what I'm thinking of but I'm not really sure:





tinted moisturizer

lip balm

Is that too much? Any suggestions? Or can you recommend any products (mascara,eyeshadow,eyeliner,blush, tinted moisturizer,lip balm) for summer???? 

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Most importantly, if you're not doing it already, you have to wear SPF!


Even if you wear nothing other than a moisturizer or sunscreen, that's the must have product for summer (ok, all the time, but summer it's essential).


If you have oily skin, a toner and primer should be introduced to prep your facial canvas. Next you need some form of sun protection preferably SPF 30 +. Other than that, I say whatever you want to wear it's your face and no one can say otherwise!


Your summer makeup routine should include as much or as little as you want!  I think the media gets really hung up on making people feel like they're doing something "wrong" if they want to wear more than mascara and chapstick in the summer.  That's not always a routine that makes people feel most confident or beautiful!


Generally, waterproof products are recommended in the summer because it's assumed that you'll either be sweating or swimming more than in the winter months.  If that's not the case for you then you don't need to bother!


The products I use, I like to use all year long because I love them - but some recommendations for some of the things you asked about include:

- Korres Lip Butter (these are sheer but have a light tint, I found that the shade "Jasmine" doesn't provide much/any color, just a nice subtle shine)

- Make Up For Ever cream HD blush

- Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

- Too Faced tinted BB cream

- Christian Dior Diorshow waterproof mascara

- Tarte Amazonian Clay cream waterproof eyeshadow

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I try to keep my summer makeup simple:

~ Waterproof mascara - in a plum shade to add a pop of color- last year was YSL, this year I'm leaning towards the Givenchy

~ Sometimes waterproof eyeliner in a color, or just black tightlined-  UD 24/7 liner for color, Too Faced 3 way lash liner for tightline 

~ A shadow stick (they don't crease or smudge)- MUFE, Urban Decay or Laura Mercier 

~ A TM- Perricone No Foundation Foundation or Amore Pacific CC compact 

~ Tinted lip balm/stain/gloss- Fresh, Laura Mercier or Dior. YSL glossy stain or NARS lip gloss

~ Rarely do I use blush or bronzer during the day. If I'm going out at night then I just use my normal blush/bronzer- Hourglass waterproof bronzer &/or NARS orgasm 


You should definitely look at the Tarte  Aqualillies  products being made for water they'll also help you get through those hot, humid, sweaty days. Hope this helps!


To 19blye19, for a waterproof mascara in your reply to CrazeeRN below, I've found Urban Decay's Cannonball mascara to be wonders!!!! I like to apply it over my regular mascara just so I don't strictly have a waterproof formula on my lashes alone (waterproof formulas can be a tad more drying or harsh compared to regular formulas because they're made to withstand so much). I once showered with full make up on, rubbed my face and saw streaks of eye shadow and liner but not a smudge of black. I wiped/dabbed my face with my towel and saw more traces of my make up come off, but not a spec of black anywhere, the mascara is truly waterproof! It's not a thick or clumpy formula so you shouldn't have issues layering it over your regular one either.


As for lip balm, I like ones with SPF (Jack Black and Anthony Logistics, the Blood Orange scent is a fave of mine), and if you want something long wearing, try a lip stain like the Lip Surgence pencils from Tarte in a range of finishes and colors.


No matter what products you use, using a great primer under will be your saving grace, so a good foundation and eye shadow primer will make such a difference. What skin type do you have?

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My number one is a color stick---it can be used as blush and lipstick and just perfect for summer or on the go--I really love the Josie maran color stick in petal pink and the cargo color sticks.


Also, lip balm or tinted lip balm with spf and TM/BB/CC cream. Smiley Very Happy

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As far as mascara goes, I tend to stick to waterproof a ton more during the summer months (especially if out at the beach, by the pool, etc!). I'm still experimenting and haven't found a waterproof mascara I'm 100% in love with yet! The same thing with eyeliner- as the months get hotter, make sure you have something that won't run all over the place!


I also tend to use more coppery/bronze shades for eyeshadow, bronzer on the appropriate areas of my face, and brighter pops of blush, such as coral or strawberry! I think I tend to use shimmery products a little more often in the summer as well Smiley Happy

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