summer makeup
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What should my summer makeup routine include?

Here's what I'm thinking of but I'm not really sure:





tinted moisturizer

lip balm

Is that too much? Any suggestions? Or can you recommend any products (mascara,eyeshadow,eyeliner,blush, tinted moisturizer,lip balm) for summer???? 

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To 19blye19, for a waterproof mascara in your reply to CrazeeRN below, I've found Urban Decay's Cannonball mascara to be wonders!!!! I like to apply it over my regular mascara just so I don't strictly have a waterproof formula on my lashes alone (waterproof formulas can be a tad more drying or harsh compared to regular formulas because they're made to withstand so much). I once showered with full make up on, rubbed my face and saw streaks of eye shadow and liner but not a smudge of black. I wiped/dabbed my face with my towel and saw more traces of my make up come off, but not a spec of black anywhere, the mascara is truly waterproof! It's not a thick or clumpy formula so you shouldn't have issues layering it over your regular one either.


As for lip balm, I like ones with SPF (Jack Black and Anthony Logistics, the Blood Orange scent is a fave of mine), and if you want something long wearing, try a lip stain like the Lip Surgence pencils from Tarte in a range of finishes and colors.


No matter what products you use, using a great primer under will be your saving grace, so a good foundation and eye shadow primer will make such a difference. What skin type do you have?

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