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I have pale skin, freckles and green eyes (as a child i had red hair but now it's a light brown). i would really like a wearable summer look. i really want my eyes to pop and my face makeup to last all day. any suggestions?

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I would use a tinted moisturizer, a gold eyeshadow with a medium brown crease and a pink lip. shimmer will make your eyes pop and use a subtle nude or pink on your lips. use a finishing spray to make it last!

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@denden798 - excellent suggestions, that's pretty much what I've been doing for the past couple of weeks, my liner has been a little brownish/burnt orange with a speck of glimmer in it.

You mentioned using a finishing spray and I've seen them around quite a bit lately(suppose with summer here it helps with makeup meltdown) I've actually never used one and wonder if you can give me more info about them in general and if there are some brands you did or didn't like. Just how much do they really do? Scent is a big issue/problem for me, are they often scented/fragranced at all? Thanks in advance.
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