regular moisturizer/tinted moisturizer

I always put on a regular moisturizer in the morning and then apply tinted moisturizer and my make up as normal i sometimes feel a little cakey after it though. Normally I use origins zero oil and the laura mercier oil free tinted moisturizer.


Does anyone else use a normal moisturizer as well as a tinted one? If you just use the tinted moisturizer do you feel that your skin is hydrated enough?

Any thoughts or advice would be helpful!

Re: regular moisturizer/tinted moisturizer

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Hi JOM21,


I like to use my regular moisturizer before applying any sort of tinted moisturizer. I have found that tinted moisturizers do not offer enough moisture on their own for my skin. Smiley Happy





Re: regular moisturizer/tinted moisturizer

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I always use a regular moisturizer under make up products such as tinted moisturizers or BB/CC creams. Even though these products tout moisturizing abilities, they're still cosmetic based so their main function won't serve to hydrate the skin. On top of that, I prefer to get my SPF protection from my day moisturizer rather than my make up. Though make up nowadays is infused with SPF, the amount of product that would need to be used would be far too much so it's easier to use a moisturizer that absorbs better into skin while getting UV protection.


Let your moisturizer fully set for about 2 minutes at the latest before starting your make up regimen. You might also try to use a foundation primer inbetween your moisturizer and tinted moisturizer to provide a bit of a barrier on skin and to help your make up apply smoother and wear better.

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