"promotion" makeup ideas?

okay, so because im graduating 8th grade, they have a little ceramony, where i get to be all prettied up and stuff... and i need ideas on makeup (eyes, lips, ect)! but i dont want to wear alot of face makeup beacuse i finally rid myself of the habit of doing FULL face makeup(foundation, powder, blush) and now i just wear concealer, mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow(sometimes), and lip stuffz(chapstick, lipstick, lipgloss) and its clearing up my skin(YEAH)! so just something summery, but not to laidback, because this is the last time alot of them are going to see me and i want to like leave with a bang, just not crazy... any ideas? pics plz<3


if u need a pic to help, heres one... (prolly not the best, i didnt even do my hairSmiley Tongue)


so anywaysss... 

Thanks for any help!

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Totally agreeing with makeupobsessed!  Don't over do.  Something I use and love is Buxom Stay-There Eyeshadows in Pug or Mutt.  Using it on the lid and blending it out softly always looks very polished and really lives up to it's name by not moving.  By putting a slightly darker liner in your lash line you'll make your lashes look fuller and eyes more defined.  You could also go for a pop of color on your bottom liner if you want to do something fun but subtle and nail polish is always another way to add interest.  Hope this helps and congratulations!

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I have both Buxon eyeshadows. They make great liner when wet. I have Mutt and Pug, so cute the names.
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