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I need help finding the right foundation colors for nars all day foundation and the makeup forever HD stick foundation. I am currently using the foundation of marc jacobs in 28 and light beige in too faced born this way 
I'm looking for a Powder Foundation for Highlighting. Not those glowy product, but a tinted setting powder instead. I'm now using the MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Foundatin color 120 soft sand, and I'm thinking to get the MAKE UP FOR EVER  Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation in a lighter color for highlighting. Does anyone know which shade I should use? Or is there any other tinted powder foundation will be good for highliting and in what shade?  
I typically where MAC STUDIO FIX POWDER PLUS FOUNDATION in C3/C4/N5. Which shade would best match my complexion in Marc Jacobs remarkable foundation?  My skin tone is olive/neutral.  However, my face is much lighter than the rest of my body and I am easily able to pull off the C4 mac powder, but I could never get away with using their liquid foundation in C4.  Below is a picture of my complexion.  No filters or retouching.  No flash either.
Hi everyone!   Which Estee Lauder lip liner would work best with EL pure color envy liquid lip potion, in Savage Garden? I am looking at double wear in "wine"... any suggestions?
So I was in my local Sephora in JcPenney and I was browsing some of the must-haves sets that they carried. There was on that had the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in like a mini size and I believe there was also an Urban Decay eyeliner in perversion. Does anyone know what the set is? I tried searching online but wasn't able to find anything. Thanks in advance
Thankful was included in Tarte's thoughtful treasures last year. I'm trying to find a blush that is similar to it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
Hi, I just bought the tarte powder foundation. I didnt buy the airbuki brush with it because its quite expensive. Do you think my real techniques buffing will work well with the powder foundation? Thanks!!
I hate how much room that bulky box takes up.  I'd like to be able to put it in my z palette, but I'm intimidated by the box.  Any tips? 
Hi! I have a "make-up-question". I have used the Laura Mercier mineral powder before, and i used the colour "tender rose" which was perfect for my skin. I am a little more tan now, and i wonder which colour you think would fit me best if I used to be a tender rose? I have to mention, I am not very tan, so is there a colour that is just a notch of a darker shade than the tender rose? Thank you very much!
I love eye makeup! Recently, I've been loving these soft looks, especially this one. It is on the 10 girl downs eyes. She has on a pink shirt.
Hi all!   I am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same problem I am having with my new Guerlain sheer bronzing powder compact.  Even though I have run a cotton pad over the powder and also run my brush over it quite a bit, I am not getting much color-not even as much as I was able to get with the tester in the store.  Any ideas?
I can't decide between these two sets! Which would you pick between the two? They both have fairly good reviews. I'm not really looking for anything specific and haven't tried either brand.
Does anyone know if Sephora will continue selling Urban Decay's Ocho Loco eyeliner set?  Is it just out of stock, or are they done with it?
How do I get a look like this? udson+Jennifer+Fisher+Spring+cBNEYbhEOdal.jpg     the one in the white.  She has that beautiful glowy/dewy skin.   I don't know if her skin is oily or she's using something hydrating or moisturizing.  I would love to get that egg white look on the skin!!    
Sorry, not really a question, but a makeup geek out... I recently got the Smashbox Studio Pop Ultimate Palette, and it has completely surprised me. I got it kind of on a whim, (at Shopper's Drug Mart, if you're from Canada), because I could get it free (it's priced at $70 CAD) and it looked kind of amazing with 45 eyeshadows, 6 blush/bronzer/highlighter, 9 eye liners and 6 lip glosses. It also comes with 4 double sided look cards (8 looks total) and a double sided eyshadow/eyeliner brush and a lip brush, and a large mirror.   I had gotten a Smashbox holiday eye palette a few years ago (the Wish one?) and it was a little bit of a let down, the shadows just weren't that great quality. So I was really unsure of how well this paette would perform. But I'm really amazed by this palette, the packaging has gotten significantly better, it's not super large and chunky for a palette that holds so much. Also it comes with plastic covers, (that flip up), that protect the products from getting all over eachother and the mirror. I can even see myself travelling with this palette since the packaging was done so well (even if I clearly don't need to travel with such a quantity of shades ).   The shadows are pigmented, soft and blendable, the range of shades is wonderful, with shimmery, matte and a couple glitter finishes, and the perfect amount of neutral and colorful shades. The blushes have matte and shimmery finihes and there is a matte bronzer, ranging from a soft natural cheek color, to a bolder more colorful shade. The eyeliners are wonderfully creamy and pigmented with a nice range of colors (even has gold and silver!). Finally there are 6 lipglosses with no shimmer or glitter. They are decently pigmented with a range of neutral to a bold red lip. I think going with a pigmented gloss was a good idea, since they will satisfy those that enjoy a bold lip color and those that are more shy of it.   I am realy amazed by this palette. They hit the perfect note, in the choices of shades and products, so it will appeal to and be flattering on EVERYBODY. And for a large "value" holiday palette the quality is really good. Also I usually hate when there are open glosses or lip colors in a palette with powders, because you inevitably ened up with glitter and powder in the gloss (ew!), but I haven't had this problem either.   The only flop in this palette was the eyeshadow brush side of the double sided eye brush, it feels cheap. But I have my own brushes anyway, and at least it's not a tiny sponge brush (a pet peeve of mine, since they are usually utterly useless). Although I see that the Sephora website doesn't carry it, they do have the eyeshadow palette, which if it is like this palette it is definitely worth checking out. And sometimes I find they carry items like this in store even though they aren't online.   Sorry for my geek-out... But if you managed to make it all the way through my rant, what do you think? Have you been taken by total surprise by a palette or product? Usually I find "holiday" palettes lose their quality since they are offering such quantity.
I love wearing makeup, but I don't actually know what would look best on me. I blush easily, and I have light freckles on my nose and cheeks. My hair is black, short, and naturally curly and my eyes are dark, warm brown. My skin is pale and I get acne easily, I regularly use anti-acne products so acne isn't a huge issue for me but I would rather use light or oil free foundation/concealer if any.
Design 1 sells Aura Cosmetics.    has anyone used  this and do you like it?
so I really want to try the MUFE mat velvet + but I dont know what shade? but Im thinks shade number 65, I use Mufe HD in shade 153 and in Benefit Oxygen Wow I use shade "I'm all the rage beige"  any Opinions?
I have yellow undertones so should I purchase cool toned foundation to balance out or will warm tones match me better? So if I had cool undertones should I purchase warm shades to balance out?
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