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How to prevent makeup from not staying on the nose when applying foundation?
In the summer my face tends to tan better than my chest and im not sure what type of makeup i should use on my chest to match my face. Its hard because i have freckles so i never use any face makeup (only stuff for my eyes/lips). 
i have very blonde hair and very pale skin. what can i do with my make up that can make these positive attritubes? without having to hit a tanning booth.
I'm on the hunt for some great new products in every aspect of my makeup collection, so what are some of your favorite products and why? It can be any type of makeup from any store.
So I've for a long time been looking for the perfect bronzer, and I've put it down to two bronzers, that I have to chose between.   I'm asian with medium/olive skin tone, and I don't really have any skin problems.   So I want to ask you, which one do you like better and why? Or if you only have one of them, why do you like or dislike the product?
Hey Y'all,      My dress that I am wearing to my formal next month is emerald green and has a very low back? Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should do my hair and makeup for this dress? Thanks.        Melissa 
Whenever I purchase something from a Sephora store, they always say to do the survey because you could win a gift card, and I've always wondered if anyone's actually won. So has anyone actually won?
so i am looking for a sweat resistant , oil free BB cream .. i have a combination skin but my t  zone gets oily in hot weather n i live in a hot area ... i want it to be hydrating but oil free.....??????
My cousin was wondering what kind of makeup would be appropriate for a 12 year old? Are there any brands you would recommend?
Hey so I am almost 14. I am now starting to get more makeup for myself. But what kind of makeup is appropriate for my age? Please help me girls! Thanks and have a great day! <3
A few years ago I bought my mother Dior Addict Lip Polish in Fresh Expert for Christmas and she loved it. She loved the color and the feel and everything about it. She asked me to get it again, but it appears to be discontinued. Is anyone familiar with this product and know of a good replacement product in a similar color? Thanks!
I know Sephora offers a wonderful exchange/return policy... but I feel bad returning my items.  I feel like I return my items about 50% of the time because honestly, after the first use I can tell I already don't like it.  I don't want to get on their list (of bad customers) for returning too many items, I'm honestly not trying to rip them off. 
So I had the color IQ test done two different time and both times came back with the same answer, 4Y06, Which is a light-medium with yellow undertones. But then when I went to ulta to get matched she said I was fair with neutral to pink undertones. And I've always been bad at finding the right foundation shade. I was just wondering which I should trust more?
I have very sensitive skin that's often prone to redness and acne. However, I just started trying out makeup and I want to figure out what's best for my skin while being able to experiment with different styles and colors. However, I don't like products/brands that contain harsh chemicals (i.e. parabens or phthalates) or test on animals. With that in mind, do any of you have recommendations for these items:     Makeup Remover Wipes/Brush Cleaners Eyeshadow/Face Palettes (in neutral, soft, vivid/bold colors and/or a combo of any of these) Single Eyeshadows/Blushes/Highlighters/Bronzers Colorless Lip Balm  Mascara Eyeliner Lipstick/Gloss/Stain/Colored Lip Balm   Thank you!        
I have a stye and am wondering if microwaving my beauty blender would get rid of the germs? I've microwaved before no problem but will it truly disinfect? I can't use antibacterial soap because it would just break me out when I use the beauty blender. 
I recently picked 6 singles to customize my Buxom palette. Unfortunately 3 out of 6 are duds, not showing up whatsoever. Is it possible for me to return only those 3 or do I have to return the whole palette? Thanks a lot!
So I want to buy a foundation as a gift for my mom who is in her late 50s. I know she used CHANEL #22 before but she wants to try something new. Her skin type is oily. Any suggestions? Because there's no CHANEL makeup here I don't know how to find foundations with similar color.
Hi, I am 12. I always watch juicystar07 and allthatglitters21 on youtube. They have inspired me so much to make a beauty guru channel, but am I too young? I also watch addicted2toofaced, and she is pretty young. I dont know also how to ask my mom and how to tell my friends. Please give me some advice, it would be so helpful! Thanks!
Screen Shot 2016-10-02 at 4.28.08 PM.png
I'm honestly not sure what makeup I should wear to match my dress ?? Thanks so much. (Also any advice on color of heels would be appreciated)
  I am looking for a new foundation to purchase, unfortunately I don't exactly know my skin tone because I don't have any local Sephora stores. Currently I am using Dior star fluid foundation in the color 010 ivory. I was wondering what my color would be in the Kat Von D Lock it foundation and the Giorgi Armani Luminous silk foundation. Thanks! 
I'm looking for a new sheer lipstick, and have been using Bite Beauty's Lush Lip Tint and the Dior lip glow for a while now. I've also been using the Clarins lip product in the squeeze tube.   I'd love to try out a new sheer lipstick but I'm not too sure where to start.   Surratt's Lipslique has intrigued me (specifically Bandy, Hevyn, Nu De Soleil, and Gamine), but since there isn't a way to sample these near me I have no idea which color will work. Swatches online also don't help because they're arm swatches, and I need more reference points since I have warm olive skin.   I've tried YSL's sheer lipsticks but I'm not sure how in love with the color I was. Anybody have any other thoughts on sheer lipstick brands and colors?   If you've tried any of the Surratt lipsliques, what are your thoughts?
I'm looking for something to add to my makeup to help illuminate my skin. My skin tone is fair/medium and I have a lot of freckles on my cheeks, so I have to be careful what I put on or else my makeup will look too 'caked on' or 'powdery'. I just want something lightweight that will add a natural glow/brightening effect to my look.
Does anyone know when the makeupshayla and tarte contour palette is going to be released in Canada or is it just an USA thing. 
I love the shadows in this photo. I know they are part of the Buxom customizable eyeshadow bar but that is all I have to go on. Can anyone help me?
Can someone recommend a good nontoxic / natural cosmetic line that performs well? Thanks!  Spoiler (Highlight to read)      
What are everyone's favorite beauty blogs? I've recently started started reading a few daily, and I am really enjoying it/learning a lot, so I would love to expand my reading list.
Hello everyone! I just need some help finding a good face primer.  I have normal to dry skin and i need a hydrating primer but I also have tan skin with yellow undertones. I've used the Rimmel London Stay Matte primer from the drugstore, its mattifying but it doesn't work well with my dry skin and it makes my skin tone look lighter and it makes my foundation appear lighter.  So I'm in the hunt for a primer that wont lighten my skin tone and make it look white or washed out. Do you guys know of any primer that's hydrating and wont lighten my skin tone or make my skin look washed out/ashy?  Would a primer that's clear or have gel like consistency would work? What products do you recommend? Thank you! Hope you can help me!
hello, i have a pretty bright blush that is super pigmented... it is almost too pigmented for me. i am using a mac 188 now which is a duo-fibre brush but i am looking for a better technique to apply it or a better brush. thanks
What is the best CURRENT foundation for a beach wedding?  I was looking into Smashbox Studio Skin, Dior Airflash, and Makeup Forever Ultra HD foundation.   I plan to do a moisturizer for SPF underneath my foundation so no worries about ghostly images.  I want it to stay put (for the most part) and not melt off my face but simultaneously let me not look like I'm caked on.  Any suggestions, ladies, would be greatly appreciated!