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The best eyelash curlers really depends on people's eye shape and preference. After terrible experience with a couple of the hyped/popular curlers, I decided to do a comparison between the ones Sephora carries: Shiseido, Lancome, Tarte, Sephora and Tweezerman. Hopefully it will be of help to you, too.   Tarte, 1 replacement pad+mascara : smaller and rounder than other 4 curlers and have the squishy-est pad. Parts a bit loose and the middle comes together first so if you don’t squeeze firmly, it looks like ><. Tarte (left) and Shiseido (right). You can see tarte is smaller and rounder.   Sephora, 2 replacement pad : Have the firmest pad of all 5 curlers. Comparable to Shiseido, both a tiny bit flatter than other curlers. When I use Shiseido and Sephora, the middle part press against my eyes first, when using Lancome, the whole side+middle press against my eyes at same time.   Shiseido, 1 replacement pad: Medium/normal firm pad, comes together evenly. It have a unique dip on the corners, unlike any other curlers. Due to vertical curve of the curler and dip, it actually irritates my eyes and it water every time I use the curler. =/ Shiseido (left) and Lancome (right). You can see the dip in Shiseido while Lancome and other curlers don't have the dip.   Lancome, 1 replacement pad : similar to Tweezerman, both very slightly rounder than Shiseido and Sephora, medium firm pad.     Tweezerman ProCurl curler, 3 replacement pad : very nice weight, feels durable. 3 replacement pad. Curls all my lashes at once. Couldn’t tell the difference between this and Lancome, except this have a nice weight and feels sturdy (none of the parts feel loose). It also says free sharpening and life time warranty (why would you sharpen your curler?)   All in all, if you've got smaller or rounder eyes, go for Tarte. If your eyes are deeper set, Shiseido curler's dip corner will help you get the corner lashes. If you like a firm pad (pro: no sharp kinks/angle. con: require more force to squeeze for a good curl), go for Sephora. Tweezerman feels nicer in my hand than Lancome, but honestly my eyes don't feel a difference when I was curling. I ended up getting the Tweezerman cuz it's got the most replacement pad, and Sephora one cuz it's sturdy and I tend to be heavy handed but don't want to crinkle/cut off my lashes.   Happy curler shopping!    
-concealer as an eyeshadow primer -spray perfume in your hairbrush to make your hair smell good -vaseline as a lip gloss -use a teabag, rip off a piece. put it over a broken nail, paint over with clear nailpolish and hardener. paint over with regular nailpolish color to repair a broken nail , rather than cutting off the entire piece   ahh i have more but i can't recall
Hi all,   We've seen the lists of recommended expiry times of different types of makeup. They honestly seem way too soon unless you're wearing the same face every day. Given the fairly large makeup collections a lot of us own, do you think that advice doesn't really apply as products would get used (and exposed to air/bacteria) maybe once a week or so?    I currently have in my collection some lipsticks/liners, eyeshadows/liners and blushes that are 4-5 years old. I also tend to keep mascaras *much* longer than 3 months as I keep a few in use at a time for different looks...   How long do you personally keep things if they're still good, and have they ever caused any infections or other problems?   ------------   Thanks, I feel a bit more confident about my old makeup now haha. Will also try to ditch the mascaras sooner. Most of them basically last forever though. I kind of doubt anyone's actually finished one. They either dry out, go bad, or you worry about how long you've had it. They should just halve the amount of product and sell it cheaper.
Has anyone ordered from Morphe's website? If so, I wanna know how your experience went I recently ordered the Vegan brush set 3 days ago and I have not been given my tracking number. I know the orders take 2-7 days to process, but I just wanna know how long your orders took and how your overall experience was
I've already decided the Naked 1 palettes colors are too dark for my daily wear. I don't know what will be better for me I like warmer tones but I want somewhat of a variety. I have blonde hair and green eyes
Hi, I am makeup obsessed but not makeup skilled. I have a really hard time deciding what colours would look good with my skin tone/hair/eye colour so I tend to just stick with nudes and neutrals. With Spring/Summer season on the horizon, I am looking to break out into some brights/something new. Somebody help me? Haha, I desperately need help trying to decide what products/colours would look good on me. Any suggestions would be SO appreciated! Thanks!   Spoiler (Highlight to read) Spoiler (Highlight to read)
I love reorganizing my makeup after a nice haul!  Can't wait for my Sephora package to arrive today. In the meantime it's fun to take it all out and sort!!  Anyone else get a thrill from reorganizing their makeup?
I know Sephora offers a wonderful exchange/return policy... but I feel bad returning my items.  I feel like I return my items about 50% of the time because honestly, after the first use I can tell I already don't like it.  I don't want to get on their list (of bad customers) for returning too many items, I'm honestly not trying to rip them off. 
I'm very against animal testing. Does Sephora have any brands that either don't test on animals or are vegan? Does NYX Cosmetics test on animals? On there website they said some of their stuff was vegan, and they also had the cruelty-free bunny logo. However I heard that they were bought by some major animal testing company (L'oreal I think). Would that make NYX no longer a non-animal testing brand? I also heard that O.P.I. Nail Polish didn't test on animals. Just like with NYX I heard that O.P.I. was bought buy L'oreal. Does this make O.P.I. no longer a non-animal testing brand? Thank you!
What is the BEST mascara? I want something that makes my lashes Thick. I also want some thing to make my lashes super long too. I don't mind using more than one mascara!  
Does anyone know if Sephora will carry Too Faceds summer 2015 collection? If so when? I know the product are available on their website. Thanks
I was at work today and a lady came in selling make up sets at reduced prices or she claims. The sales lady said that this product is sold at SEPHORA so I went to the store and asked an employee and was told that they have never heard of this make-up line. She said it was going to hit Macy's, Dillards, and Ulta next week. She was selling items priced at $39.99, the "eyes have it" shadow kit, priced at $25.99, and the "shimmer bronzer brush", priced at $29.99, for $20 dollars and so I bought one but now I am skeptical about it. They lead me to believe that it's a mineral based makeup like Bare Minerals. The colors are very pigmented. Has anyone else bought this stuff?
I was wondering if I could get feedback on the quality of Paul and Joe? The packaging is so adorable that I am tempted to order lipsticks and eyeshadows with multiple cases. However, are their products good quality or lean more toward cute novelty items? Thanks so much for any feedback :-)
I've heard that Nars does animal testing is this true?
Is there any difference between the two besides the color of the tube?  I currently have the Lovemarc in "Role Play" and was curious if the New Nude Sheer in "Role Play" is exactly the same or a more sheer version of the same color?  Thanks!!
My cousin was wondering what kind of makeup would be appropriate for a 12 year old? Are there any brands you would recommend?
 I want to get a countour palette but I need product suggestions. And also can someone explain how to contour? Im new to it lol.
How often do you beauties clean your makeup brushes? This includes spot cleaning and deep cleaning. And what products do you use?   For the past two months, I've really kept up with spot cleaning my brushes after EVERY use... at least with my face brushes and my angled eye liner brush that I use for gel liner. Eye shadow brushes get spot cleaned when I feel like I've mixed way too many random colors together. I spot clean using MAC's Brush Cleanser sprayed on a wash towel.   My goal was to deep clean once a week with baby shampoo... but I've been laggin' lately   Let me know what you do!
I noticed that Sephora quit selling Benefit She Laq , so I went to Benefit Cosmetic's website and noticed that they had it listed as "out of stock".  I thought this strange so I called Benefit's Customer Service Line and the rep I spoke with confimed that She Laq has indeed been discontinued.  I am so disappointed!   She Laq was a great product and I can't believe it has been discontinued.  Is anyone else sorry to see this product go? tenngal
So I was in my local Sephora in JcPenney and I was browsing some of the must-haves sets that they carried. There was on that had the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil in like a mini size and I believe there was also an Urban Decay eyeliner in perversion. Does anyone know what the set is? I tried searching online but wasn't able to find anything. Thanks in advance
Thankful was included in Tarte's thoughtful treasures last year. I'm trying to find a blush that is similar to it. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
I need a concealer that's waterproof / longwear. I currently use Laura Mercier's Secret Cammouflage but it doesn't last long enough. Any suggestions? Has anyone used Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer?
looking for bridal make up tips.   hi I am getting married in June 2015 and I need all the tips I can get to look great. anybody?
Hello all! I am planning a sweet 16 in January, and the theme will be Winter Wonderland. I am trying to get ideas on how to do my makeup! I have a light complexion, with hazel eyes and long brownish blonde hair. The dress is a white iridescent ballgown. I will be having pictures taken, and it is towards the evening so something photo-ready? Any suggestions are appreciated! P.S I am going to Sephora for them to do my makeup, but just wanted a general idea.
Hi, I just bought the tarte powder foundation. I didnt buy the airbuki brush with it because its quite expensive. Do you think my real techniques buffing will work well with the powder foundation? Thanks!!
Im a freshman and get so confused around makeup I use volumizing mascara, an eyelash curler and from time to time bb cream. I really wanna try new things like blush, shadows, and lipsticks but i dont want anything bold instead something more natural.I have dark brown eyes and im tanish. I have a small budget and would perfer some suggestions from somewhere like a drug store. Pleeease help!!!