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looking for bridal make up tips.   hi I am getting married in June 2015 and I need all the tips I can get to look great. anybody?
Hello all! I am planning a sweet 16 in January, and the theme will be Winter Wonderland. I am trying to get ideas on how to do my makeup! I have a light complexion, with hazel eyes and long brownish blonde hair. The dress is a white iridescent ballgown. I will be having pictures taken, and it is towards the evening so something photo-ready? Any suggestions are appreciated! P.S I am going to Sephora for them to do my makeup, but just wanted a general idea.
Hi, I just bought the tarte powder foundation. I didnt buy the airbuki brush with it because its quite expensive. Do you think my real techniques buffing will work well with the powder foundation? Thanks!!
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The best eyelash curlers really depends on people's eye shape and preference. After terrible experience with a couple of the hyped/popular curlers, I decided to do a comparison between the ones Sephora carries: Shiseido, Lancome, Tarte, Sephora and Tweezerman. Hopefully it will be of help to you, too.   Tarte, 1 replacement pad+mascara : smaller and rounder than other 4 curlers and have the squishy-est pad. Parts a bit loose and the middle comes together first so if you don’t squeeze firmly, it looks like ><. Tarte (left) and Shiseido (right). You can see tarte is smaller and rounder.   Sephora, 2 replacement pad : Have the firmest pad of all 5 curlers. Comparable to Shiseido, both a tiny bit flatter than other curlers. When I use Shiseido and Sephora, the middle part press against my eyes first, when using Lancome, the whole side+middle press against my eyes at same time.   Shiseido, 1 replacement pad: Medium/normal firm pad, comes together evenly. It have a unique dip on the corners, unlike any other curlers. Due to vertical curve of the curler and dip, it actually irritates my eyes and it water every time I use the curler. =/ Shiseido (left) and Lancome (right). You can see the dip in Shiseido while Lancome and other curlers don't have the dip.   Lancome, 1 replacement pad : similar to Tweezerman, both very slightly rounder than Shiseido and Sephora, medium firm pad.     Tweezerman ProCurl curler, 3 replacement pad : very nice weight, feels durable. 3 replacement pad. Curls all my lashes at once. Couldn’t tell the difference between this and Lancome, except this have a nice weight and feels sturdy (none of the parts feel loose). It also says free sharpening and life time warranty (why would you sharpen your curler?)   All in all, if you've got smaller or rounder eyes, go for Tarte. If your eyes are deeper set, Shiseido curler's dip corner will help you get the corner lashes. If you like a firm pad (pro: no sharp kinks/angle. con: require more force to squeeze for a good curl), go for Sephora. Tweezerman feels nicer in my hand than Lancome, but honestly my eyes don't feel a difference when I was curling. I ended up getting the Tweezerman cuz it's got the most replacement pad, and Sephora one cuz it's sturdy and I tend to be heavy handed but don't want to crinkle/cut off my lashes.   Happy curler shopping!    
Im a freshman and get so confused around makeup I use volumizing mascara, an eyelash curler and from time to time bb cream. I really wanna try new things like blush, shadows, and lipsticks but i dont want anything bold instead something more natural.I have dark brown eyes and im tanish. I have a small budget and would perfer some suggestions from somewhere like a drug store. Pleeease help!!!
Hello everyone! I am currently looking for this blush I checked the sephora blushes and I dont see this anymore. did it change name ? if yes, which one ?   or did they discontinue this one   Sephora Brand Blush Me! Mono Abricot Plaisir 6
My cousin was wondering what kind of makeup would be appropriate for a 12 year old? Are there any brands you would recommend?
Is Kat Von D being discontinued? I see a lot of sale item that are making me nervous. 
My eye liner (liquid, gel and pencil) always comes off when I use my eye lash curler. To avoid that, I try not to curl too closely to my lid, but that what I do if I want to get close enough to get a beautiful curl.   Does this happen to anyone else? Any advice?   Thank you!
I hate how much room that bulky box takes up.  I'd like to be able to put it in my z palette, but I'm intimidated by the box.  Any tips? 
I am in love with Nars Orgasm, but I'm looking for a good dupe.  Does Sephora have something that would be close for a better price??
In my late 20's, I have finally come to the point in my life where I feel like I should be wearing makeup on a regular basis, but I have no idea what to start with. I am not looking to blow the budget but I am looking to experiment with some looks.   About me: Blond hair, blue eyes, pink undertones in skin. Looking for a natural look that can cover up dark circles under my eyes. Maybe with a little smokey eye. I need something that can be done quickly. Can anyone help?
Hello everyone!   I need some help finding a good concealer for my dark circles and minor pimples. I bought COVER FX concealer yesterday, I wanted to know has anyone tried it, how did it work? I like the Nars Creamy Concealer, but it finishes in no time with me. Are there any other concealers that are good, let me know     Thank you for all your help
Hey so I am almost 14. I am now starting to get more makeup for myself. But what kind of makeup is appropriate for my age? Please help me girls! Thanks and have a great day! <3
Hello Makeup Experts, How do I achieve perfect eyebrows everyday? My brows are sparse and I naturally have a wide space between them and have been told that I need to bring them in closer with the aid of makeup (eye shadow or pencil). Thanks and have a great weekend, TMS
Im looking for a good full coverage mineral foundation. I have really sensitive skin so I dont want a heavy cakey foundation. I've tried bareminerals bare skin foundation but I'm looking to try something new.  I'm open to any brand
So my eyelashes are really thin, and i'd say they're short.Even using an eyelash curler they arent that amazing. The mascaras ive tried are Maybelline mega plush, Dior iconic overcurl ( everyone always suggests this and I liked it but it didnt make them as long as I hoped :-( ) . I liked the Dior one but i'm hoping to find something better that will make my eyelashes look thicker + longer. I dont know how some people get their eyelashes so long and thick looking lol. If you have any suggestions i'd love to hear .
I want to purchase a bronzer but the type I wanted was out of stock in stores. (Hoola Bronzer from benefits) but would that look ok on light skin with cooler undertones and if not what is a bronzer sutible for light skin and cool undertones to warm up my complexion?
I am going to be 13 in September and going into 7th grade, I am pale,have green eyes,and am a brunette, I also have combination skin and a ton of acne :-( My cheeks are also very red and I am very self conscious about it. I also dont have a very large budget either. Thanks in advance! ( I recently purchased the smashbox color correcting primer for redness as well as the clinique acne solutions concealer)
Hello! I am in a busy search for a foundation that doesn't break me out! I recently switched to high end foundations after using about four bottles of my Covergirl 3-in-1 foundation. It started to break me out (which it never did before) I have tried the Nars Sheer Glow foundation, and that made it worse! Do you have any foundations in Sephora that stay on, are for oily skin, and DONT BREAK YOU OUT? Thank you!!
I've been holding myself back from buying more new products, so that I can use up the ones I've already purchased. Which also means I've been saving for a bit of a shopping spree! So, I was wondering, which would products you guys recommend that you've been loving?
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Hey guys can u tell me what makeup i should wear for school!?? Thanks so much! - Jessi <3
My skin is very sensitive! If I use products contain silica and talc , I am gonna have break out And it's not easy to find a silica free and talc free product m especially loose powder, any recommendation?
I can't seem to get the gothic look right. I am pretty makup impared and I am looking for help on how to get the eye makeup just right.
Hello all!   As you can tell from the title I will be on my way to college very soon! This means I will pretty much be on my own money-wise (with only minimal help from parents). I want to be responsible with my money, but I also don't want to give up some of my favorite makeup brands (first world problems am I right?). This applies to skincare too!   Some questions I have: When do I save and when do I splurge? How long do certain products last (meaning how long before I run out?)? How can I get the most out of my products (making them last as long as possible)? What's a healthy budget amount for makeup? Per year, per month? What are the bare minimum products I should use? One of my goals is to not be excessive with the amount of products I have! Just the basics!
Whenever I purchase something from a Sephora store, they always say to do the survey because you could win a gift card, and I've always wondered if anyone's actually won. So has anyone actually won?
Does anyone else have a separate dresser just to store their makeup? I bought a lingerie chest from Ikea thinking I was going to have extra space, but the whole thing is filled =( So embarrassing!!!!! All of the makeup has its use, and I went and threw out the things I dont use because clutter drives me insane. Someone tell me they do to ease my embarrassment haha.
which of these nars lip pencils would match Kylies lips in this picture ? 834?skuId=792531    
Just thought I'd post this here, since I know a lot of people only buy cruelty free makeup.   According to their facebook page:   "To all our UDers: We have decided to sell Urban Decay products in China. Because of China’s policies, this has upset some of our loyal fans who are also animal rights activists. For complete information, please visit ainfo . We are listening to all of your feedback and questions, and will try to address every single one of you. We do want to address one FAQ: No, Urban Decay will not test on animals in China. However, the Chinese government may conduct a test using our products before they can be sold there. We absolutely realize that for many of you, it makes no difference who is doing the testing. But, animal rights are still very much important to Urban Decay, and our decision was a thoughtful one. Changes are already happening in China, and we will give our all to help advocate alternative methods." Decay-in-China,default,pg.html