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alright so just last sunday i bought a TM from  Balm and the sephora mineral compact and they gave me a sample of sephoras shine control primer

soo yea i have an EXTREMLY oily nose and the upper areas of my cheeks (next to my nose) so it tends to get SUPER crazy OILY it looks discusting >< 

in the mornings i use my oil free skin care products

then sephoras primer


Sephoras powder

and set it with a N.Y.C translucent powder

so a few hrs go by not bad by 3pm those areas i mentioned look GROSS i tend to avoid more powder so i just blot but UGHH


i was wondering whats good for oil control the BEST of the best

i dont care if its a primer powder setting spray ANYTHING!!

please help me Smiley Happy

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Hi! I suffer from the same problems as well! I know how frustrating it can be to  have your make up melted off mid-day. Something that's help me, and many others, are blotting sheets. (Bonus: If you don't feel like shelling out $10 for them, the sanitary toilet seat covers found in almost any public bathrooms work just as well, especially in emergencies.) In order for your makeup to survive the blotting, make sure to PAT the greasy areas, not rub. Rubbing will only drag your makeup off your face, thus making streaks and taking off your makeup. Something that I've heard all about, but regrettably, have not tried myself, is Skindinavia's No More Shine spray. There are videos online raving about them, and 4/5 people who bought the product would recommend it to a friend. No More Shine is said to be similar to Urban Decay's All Nighter spray. If price and availability are factors, No More Shine isn't at Sephora as far as I know, but All Nighter is. Also, All Nighter is $29.99 to No More Shine's $39.99. I hope this helps you! Smiley Happy

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