no makeup makeup? :)

so i have been feeling so summery  lately (already warming up here in az) and wanted a pretty, glowing, no makeup makeup look. something lauren conrad or amy pond inspired ( amy pond in her early seasons of doctor who ) and quick to do every morning. yeah, thanks a ton and have a great day! Smiley Happy

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Mastering the no makeup makeup look starts with having clear, hydrated skin that is always protected from the sun.

To be honest with you the no makeup makeup look is not exactly a quick look. In fact it often requires more work and precision but here are my suggestions.


moisturise your skin.


Apply a light foundation that has buildable coverage. To be honest with you I think Make Up Forever's Face and Body foundation is perfect for this look (unless you have super oily skin). There is something about this foundation that just keeps my skin dewy looking. Personally, I think the best way to apply it is with your hands.


Use concealer under the eyes and spot conceal any blemises you might have. This part may take a while.


To look as natural as possible I would use creamy products to contour with since they are more blendable and will stay on longer.


If you have it, use a cream eyeshadow that will add a light shimmer to your eyes that is not that diffferent from your skintone (but more luminous if that makes sense).


For blush, use a colour that mimics the natural flush of your cheeks ( I like Benefit Benetint for this look).


To define your eyes I wouldn't use black eyeliner, perhaps a dark brown but not too much and just gently smudged. leave the bottom  lashline bare.


Apply a mascara that is as natural as possible. Stick to just two coats and if you have bottom lashes, emphasize them carefully so they are defined but not clumpy.


Lipstains are God's gift to the no-makeup makeup look. Fine one that is right for you. Tinted lip balm is another good choice.


Good luck!

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I'm a licensed esthetician and my advice for a glowing, minimalist, or no makeup look begins with proper skin care. My tips will help revive and restore dull skin.


1. Drink.

I know it's been said many times before but drinking plenty of water, throughout the day, really does keep the skin looking hydrated and refreshed.


2. Polish.

Use a mild daily cleanser and gently exfoliate once a week.


3. Moisturize.

Even oily skin needs moisture.


4. Protect...

Maintain your youthful complexion with a broad spectrum SPF.


5. Conceal.

A good multi-purpose concealer will help cover skin and undereye imperfections. Remember a little goes a long way. Too much can create an over done or ghost-like effect.


6. Brighten.

I recommend Josie Maran Argan Illuminator. Gently blend on cheek bones for a dewy effect. The argan ingredients are an added bonus for anti-aging.


7. Makeup.

Keep it simple with mascara, neutral blush, nude lip gloss or lip stain (I like Rosebud salve), and a light (talc free) finishing powder.

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Could you recommend a good facial exfoliant??

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I love Clinique 7 day scrub or Laura Mercier Face Polish- they're both amazing!

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I forgot to mention a pore refining primer. I use Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch.

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Can you recommend a lightweight concealer for summer? I love benefit erase paste, but it feels very heavy sometimes.


Also, don't the majority of finishing powders have talc? What talc free powders do you recommend?

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Ha! I also live in AZ and in the summer I get very lazy about makeup. (Also props to beautytester... I love sleep more than a good helping of makeup most days too.)


Sometimes in the summer I get very lazy and just wear tinted moisturizer, mascara, and a brighter lip color. Smiley Sad I'm so ashamed. Smiley Sad

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omg, who does a smokey eye everyday in the az summer, i feel like my face is melting off wicked witch of the east style most of the time, lol. Smiley Happy

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Haha seriously! The more makeup I wear the more globby I will get when I, invariably, get sweaty. Oh well, no snow to shovel in the "winter"! Smiley Happy

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I love no makeup or light makeup days.  It's always good to give some of your products a break and to let your skin breathe.  I do something along the lines of this:


-Light Foundation/TM: I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer all the time.

-maybe some concealer if my allergies are bothering, but sometimes I skip it.

-touch of mascara to keep my lashes out of my eyes

-Brow gel so they don't misbehave

-lip balm

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Ohhh, I like the list helpful provided. Mine is simpler since I like my sleep better than make up:

- wipe face with cold damp towel to wake up.

- moisturizer with spf

- tinted moisturizer

- brown eyeliner dotted between lash lines

- Stila kajal liner in Topaz on bottom water line

- curl lashes

- tinted lip balm.


Sometimes I use concealer, hydrating primer if it's windy winter, or finish with a mattifying powder in the T-zone. If I do need a bit of color/glow, a dust of Korres Contouring Trio in Santorini (a super light luminizing bronzer). So that's my no make up look. =)


ps. not to be confused with my express/lazy/g2g look: concealer, lash curler, tinted lip balm, out of the door.

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Here's what Lauren has to say about her classic everyday makeup taken direct from her beauty book:



SPF AND MOISTURIZER: Before I apply my makeup, I clean, tone, and moisturize my face. And then I apply a healthy layer of SPF. My moisturizer doesn’t have SPF, so I apply them separately, but there are a lot of great moisturizers that do also have SPF.


LIGHTWEIGHT FOUNDATION: Since I try to go as bare as possible during the day so that my makeup isn’t visible, I use a lightweight liquid foundation. (Some of these come with SPF too.) If my skin is particularly clear, I’ll cut my foundation with a little moisturizer for coverage that’s a bit more sheer.


CONCEALER: Once my foundation is on, I go back in with concealer and a brush to dab out any redness (dot, don’t rub). Don’t try to cover your blemishes with foundation; it will be much too thick.


UNDER-EYE CONCEALER: I also keep a stick or pot of under-eye concealer on hand in case I’m dealing with some dark circles. I use different 

“kinds, depending on the day. One day I might opt for the stick for heavier coverage, and the next a liquid tube is enough. Face concealer and undereye concealer are very different: The skin around your eyes doesn’t produce oil, so concealer for it is much silkier.


HIGHLIGHTER: I brighten the area right under my eyes (above the cheekbone, but more on that on page 142), which automatically makes me look like I got three extra hours of sleep. Brilliant.


BRONZER: I use this to add a sun-kissed touch and for subtle contouring (more on this too on page 142).


BLUSH: I use a powder blush, and it goes right on the apples of my cheeks for a natural flush of color.


LIQUID EYELINER: It’s a favorite and always will be. I never feel like myself without a swipe of liquid eyeliner winged out and up on my lid. I apply a thinner line during the day and a thicker, more dramatic one for the night.”

Excerpt From: Lauren Conrad & Elise Loehnen.



Re: no makeup makeup? :)

Here's the rest:



SKIN-TONE EYE SHADOW: I don’t wear colored eye shadow as a general rule because it makes me feel too “done up,” but I do apply either a powder that matches my skin tone or a neutral-colored shadow to my lid in order to ensure that my liner doesn’t travel.


TRANSLUCENT POWDER: A light dusting locks in my foundation so that it lasts hours longer and keeps my T-zone from getting too shiny.


MASCARA: Wouldn’t leave home without a couple coats on my lashes. I always go for black.


LIP GLOSS: I usually go with something clear and moisturizing—or maybe, if I’m feeling extra-fun, something with shimmer or a slight peach hue.”

Excerpt From: Lauren Conrad & Elise Loehnen. “Lauren Conrad Beauty.”

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