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I have been obsessing over nars larger than life lip glosses but the only thing holding me back is that im wondering if they are highly pigmented does anyone know?

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i just bought two yesturday in spring break and coelur suer they are fairly pigmented not like the original but they are amazing! i love them soo much and i want more!

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I love mine, so far I only have the Coeur Sucre, because of course, I'd have to go for the brightest right away, lol, but I have found it works amazing when I want a little pop on my lips. The others seem to offer a good amount of pigmentation, and honestly, I'd prefer it if NARS switched all their glosses over to these formulas, they're not as tacky and they have no taste, unlike some of the other NARS glosses.

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The pigmented ones are highly pigmented.  Love'em!! The colours I think are go-to favourites, it's just that these glosses are long-lasting, more pigmented, and have an applicator for precise application.  Some, like Gold Digger and Spring Break have been used on celebs layered/mixed with other glosses in the LTL collection.  .... So, as I understand it, it's not something you slather on with no mirror 6 times a day, but rather take your time, apply the colour and it stays on.


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