must have brushes!

Hello ladies,

I've been trying to try new brushes lately and I was wondering which ones you ladies would recommend (brand/name of brush)? I love Tom Ford and Hakuhodo brushes, but I also love real techniques and sonia kashuk brushes too. TIA.




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Sephora Airbrush Concealer #57 - is a FABULOUS brush - never knew how much I needed it till I had it!

Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80 - was life changing for me - well, for my foundation anyway!  I use it to apply liquid foundation

I also use MAC 187 for liquid foundation - which I stipple on - and it creates a flawless finish

MAC 195 for applying concealer is awesome as well.


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  • Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush changed my foundation life!
  • Sephora Airbrush Concealer #57 made me horrified at how bad my concealer must have looked before I had this brush in my life. Easily blends thick concealers like Bobbi Brown and liquid products like NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer.
  • MAC 217 for blending is really beautiful and 239 is great for packing color on the lid.
  • Wayne Goss #4 get used more than any of my other eye brushes. Even though I love the 217 more I hate white bristles being dirty.
  • Wayne Goss #2 feels like kitten fur and beautifully sets my concealer. I love that the brush blends beautifully, but doesn't disturb the rest of your makeup. I've used it for full face as well and it is heaven.
  • NARS Yachiyo would be my love in theory, but I actually need to replace it with a Hakuhodo version. The brush easily diffuses and blends pigmented blushes and is excellent for cheek highlights and setting concealers. Unfortunately, I find the Yachiyo to be too scratchy to use near my eye.

Tom Ford Cheek - I have it and I must say I'm not in love with it. I only use it for my lightly-pigmented blushes. It doesn't seem to blend the color in well. It's very dense and hard to rinse clean.


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Try stylemaster brushes from ebay! They're really affordable. One of the girls on here recommended them. They look exactly like Sigma brushes


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I think I'm the girl you're talking about, since I made a thread about them the other day. I wasn't recommending them though, I was looking for other's experiences with them. So far I'm not a fan, having used all the face brushes for my foundation. They're just not as... what's the word, sturdy? stiff? strong? as my real techniques expert face brush.



So keilsmuneoka, my recommendation would be for the RT Expert Face Brush, not the style master brushes. And the Teddy Bear kabuki from Too Faced is super soft, but i'm having regrets on that one too. I like it for it's softness but so far that's all that I like about it.


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I love Marc Jacobs brush The Face II and The Bronze brush, they are super chic and perform well 


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Today I bought the Sephora mineral powder brush #45. The MUA used it with Hourglass foundation and primer. It worked really good and was super soft.


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I love EcoTools for face brushes, their domed bronzer brush is amazing, their blush and powder brushes are wonderful because they feel so soft on the skin!  I am really curious as to some good sigma eye brushes.


Re: must have brushes!

I really love Too Faced Teddy Bear brushes. They are soooo soft!

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