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Hi ladies,

Is it weird that I use other items like dark brown eyeshadow as a bronzer? it shows up on my skin a lot better and you don't have to use such a heavy hand because it's already really pigmented saving you product! I like to use other eyeshadows as a highlight or cream blush as a lip color (though it can be a little drying). Does anyone else do this? Also, what items do you multipurpose with?



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Before I fell in love with Tarte's Brow Mousse I would sometimes use Buck from UD naked palette to fill my brows in. 

& In the 90's when metallic lipstick was this "it" thing, I would swipe my gold lipstick over my eyelids. I was never a morning person- my makeup routine took 3 minutes back then 

Re: multipurpose items!

When my hair was magenta I used to use a pigmented blush to fill in my brows! It was a color I had gotten free with a Smashbox purchase and it gave my dark brows just enough of a tint to match my hair better lol. I also use some shimmery eyeshadows as a highlighter occasionally and I've used a soft brown eyeliner as a brow pencil before!

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It's not uncommon that I use eyeshadow to fill my brows. I've also used some eyeshadows as blush before. I will also use frosted eyeshadow over top of my lipstick to create a cool frosty look. Not a lot, just a little.

Re: multipurpose items!

1. I use really sheer shadow as a highlight on my face.

2. Darker foundation products as a contour.

3. Any cream color product can be multi-purpose.

4. Eyeliner smudged can become like shadow when I want a smokey eye.

5. I use moisturizer on my makeup sponge to help my foundation look more natural.


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Sometimes I put a dab of a shimmery eyeshadow in the center of my lips for depth.

Sometimes I use a white eyeliner pencil down the center of my nose, then blend for highlight.

When I want to do pink or blue eyebrows for a costume look, I definitely use eyeshadow.

I use lipstick as blush.

I use foundation as a lipstick primer.

I use eyeshadow primer as concealer.

I use lip pencils as eyeliner.

I use eyeliner as lip pencils.

I like getting samples of powder for girls with deep skintones and using it as a bronzer.


Yep. I like multipurposing my makeup. Smiley Very Happy

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I use Too Faced Milk Chocolate Bronzer as face powder because it's the only thing that matches my skin tone Smiley Tongue


But I am also very guilty, of using cream blush both on my lips and cheeks.



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Hi Kelly!


I don't think that is weird at all! Using the same product for multiple places on your face, really helps to streamline your routine and makes getting ready much faster! One of my favorite things to do is use a dark brown eyeshadow to fill in my eyebrows. My favorite shade to use for this is the shade Buck from Urban Decay. Smiley Happy




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I use lipstick as a cream blush, some eye-safe lipsticks as eyeshadow base. Eyeshadow (in taupe-y shades) as blush, eyeshadow as contour, eyeshadow as highlighter, eyeshadow as brow powder, eyeshadow as liner. (Clearly, I get milage out of my eyeshadow.) Eyeliner as lip liner (not black unless I'm wearing black lipstick, though.) I don't require my makeup products to be multi-taskers but it's nice when they are.

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Black eyeshadow as eyebrow powder Smiley Very Happy

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I bought UD Brow Box and I realized that it was not necessary at all. I just use a matte brown eyeshadow (like my Naked Basics) as a brow powder and top it off with a brow gel (instead of the wax is the brow box). Saved myself $30!

Re: multipurpose items!

It's not weird, it's very smart.  I have done similar things, like using lipstick as cream blush in a pinch.

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