Hi, what's the best technique to use to cover up a lot of dark, spot-like scars on my knees with makeup and have it still look somewhat natural? Also what's the best type of makeup to use? Like a makeup stick, liquid, powder?

Thanks for the help.

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Hi there! Well when you mention a technique to help cover these spots, the only thing that would be efficient in this case is to use good quality makeup or concealer to help with the coverage however there are also many scar treatments out there that may help TREAT the issue instead. Check out your local drugstore, but Vitamin E oil works well after consistent use to cover up scars and their color. Also there's a product called "Mederma" which is also well know to remove the appearance of scars effectively. You'll only find these products at your local drugstore.


When it comes to COVERING the spots up I have a few suggestions for you.


1) MUFE Face&Body Liquid Makeup


mufe face and body.jpg

This liquid makeup is specifically formulated for the skin of the body and is very pigmented, hence, will help cover any unwanted spots on the body. In addition, it's waterproof so you don't have to worry too much about it wearing off.  If the area you're trying to cover is a large area then I would go with this one.


2) If the area you're covering is minimal, then I would go with Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer


kat von d concealer.jpg

This is meant to cover tattoos, so if it can cover tattoos, it can definitely cover scars lol The color is very pigmented, I use this stuff for my acne scars and I use VERY little. A litte goes a long way with this product but like I mentioned, I would only use this IF the area I was trying to cover was small. 


Well, I hope this helps and good luck! Update us if you can! Smiley Happy



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