is it worth spending lots of money on high-end things?


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I was on a drugstore kick earlier this year and had a lot of fun trying different stuff out.  I'm pretty sure drugstore eyeshadows are for the most part not as good quality as the brands we typically find at Sephora; once in a while there might be some good ones (like Wet n Wild or L'Oreal Infalliables) but it's very hit or miss.  Foundations are really hard since no swatching is allowed, so most of the time I end up with the wrong shade.


The hit or miss factor is actually why I gravitated right back to Sephora after the novelty wore off.  It takes a lot of trial and error to find the good stuff at the drugstore.  There definitely IS good stuff, but since there's no possibility of trying before buying, I find that I end up paying for a lot of duds in order to find that diamond in the rough.  This is wasteful to the point where I'd rather get my makeup from a place that lets me try it first.


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Yes and no.  Everyone is different but I have found that mascara from the drug store is pretty on par with high end (maybelline Falsies Flare is my holy grail) 


Also the EOS lip balms are great. 


But skincare is most of the time you get what you pay for.


I still love my traditional Maybelline eyeliner. The one that's red on the outside, comes 2 to a package. In velvet black. 


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I find it's worth spending money on the products that really work for you. Finding out which ones (in high end products) those are is why I love Sephora.


Some people find products that really work for them at the drugstore. (I have a couple Garnier products I love, for instance.) However, you really have to be careful to read ingredients, and be aware of what you're sensitive to with even the most natural things. (Natural doesn't necessarily mean good for you specifically. Poison ivy is totally natural, but I do not recommend putting it on your skin. ^_~)


Try things out, get samples, decide for yourself what's worth your money. Though I personally find that I gravitate to many high-end items because they provide me with much more value with how long they last and the quality of the product.


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I have found that in the past year I have purchased less and less from the drugstore. The only thing that I will still purchase from the drugstore are things that are not going to be rubbed/buffed onto the skin such as mascara, nail polish, lipstick.


I have a horrible time finding a shade match for foundation in the drugstore since you cannot swatch. And since I can't put this stuff on my face anymore anyway, it's not a big deal to me. (Since parabens are the cheapest preservative, almost all drugstore makeup uses them!)


Also, I love the experience of shopping in Sephora. Most of the time, the cosmetics area in the drugstore is an absolute mess and half of the stuff someone has opened and put back on the shelf. I think this happens less in Sephora because there are testers for everything.



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I made a promise to myself about a year ago to start buying better quality make-up (thus the vib rouge, apparently). I have a terrible time finding lip colors that work for me from the drugstore, and I do think that the quality of the high end products for many things are better. 


That said, I swear by a few drugstore things that work for me:

1. Some Wet-n-WIld products work great for me - their tinted mouisterizer is perfect for my skin. I prefer very sheer coverage and it works great. Some of their lipsticks have great staying power. Many of their eyeshadows are great.

2. Mascara to me - the inexpensive drugstore stuff seems to work as well as the costly stuff. I seem to get so many samples these days that I never actually *buy* any mascara any more.

3. Drug store sunscreen for the body. Sorry, I'm not dropped $30 or whatever on sunscreen. I use it liberally -  at the recommended dose of 1oz several times for a day at the beach. I have 2 kids too - so we go through a whole bottle pretty much in one day at the beach. 

4. I like Oil of Olay products and they are my fall back if my skin is cranky and irritated.

5. Shampoo - IDK  - I just can't see any difference in my hair when I use expensive stuff vs. drugstore brands. 


I like high-end lippies, foundation, and eye shadow  I like NYX blush and think it is probably as good as the expensive stuff. I have. I am on the fence about powders - probably because I don't really like any of them. 


I think expensive perfume is worth every penny. 


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Hi, Minime22!  I use the products that work best for me.  I buy my foundation and skin care products at Target.  My other make-up (eyeshadows, blush, and lipsticks) I buy at Sephora.


Do you want to use a "name" even if it doesn't work or do you want to use what works even if it isn't a "name"?


The Cosmetic Cop is a good website for checking ingredients if you want to know what you're using.


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In my opinion, yes, for some items. I prefer to buy high end powders like Tarte's blush and UD's shadows and I like to splurge on high end cleansers, moisturizers and serums.  I still use drugstore based mascara and the Freeman brand of masks.  For nail polish, however, I am all over the place.  I have anything from Wet N Wild to Chanel in my collection.  Once you get to experimenting, you will find what is worth it to you to spend your money on. :smileyhappy:


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Like tashalicious I only buy foundation and blush in a high end store, again so I can try before buy.  I tend to also buy lip sticks or pigmented glosses when I can try them as well.  I don't have that good of a track record on buying lipsticks at the drugstore.  Mascara I tend to buy drug store brands more frequently, only because I haven't found a department store brand that I love.  It really is about what you like and what works for you.


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One doesn't necessarily have to spend a lot of money on high-end products to get the desired look, but know that these items have better quality, and thus, have better ingredients and last longer (most do anyway).


I used to use nothing but drugstore makeup years ago, but that changed when I discovered Sephora and MAC. Although some cosmetics might break someone out due to certain ingredients, but that doesn't mean it will do that for everyone, just like with drugstore makeup.


I prefer to use high-end makeup and skincare because I know I am getting great quality products and better payoff in the end. I only own a couple drugstore products (though I read all ingredients prior to purchasing to make sure it is good for the skin; i.e., no parabens, etc.).


You don't have to purchase everything high-end, but I do recommend the main face products to be because again, remember you are putting this stuff onto your face and this is where you are noticed first by your peers. You don't want to put parabens on your face that can cause cancer or just not be good for your skin. Just my 2cents. :smileyhappy:


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Actually i like both high end and drug store mascara, eyeliner and lipstick. but when it comes to foundation and blush i need to be able to sample before i buy, and i can only do that in a high end store.


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Personally, it is all about what works for me. I don't mind shelling out the extra money, if it does something for me that an item from target or walmart can't. Or, the other way around. I tried two foundations at Sephora and both weren't what I was looking for. They broke me out and so I returned them and tried a couple at the drugstore and loved them. I also just love makeup, so if something is appealing to me, I buy it. It also depends on what you mean by "worth it". 

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