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keep or throw away?

Hey!! So I was wondering; should I throw out my products that I have used up, or should I keep them for if I ever want to buy them again? I have a growing pile right now, and I just think that I want to keep them. I feel like it is too much, though. What do you think I should do?

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I say throw them away. I have a list of products tucked inside the bathroom vanity door. I also have some phone numbers of companies I've called along with a contact name. That way I don't have to look it up or try to read the tiny print on the bottle, if it's even listed there. More modern day version, keep names and any special info on your computer. You can even take pictures of the products and store them on your computer as well. (sometimes it's nice to see the actual containers you products are housed in)


Another list I used to keep (I say used to because I can't find it) is a list of products I've tried i.e. mascara. I had  like and dislike lists where I kept track of when I used it and the reasons I did or didn't like. I tend to forget.


Hope this helps.Smiley Happy

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