is the beauty blender worth it?

I just can't seem to get myself to pay close to $20 for a makeup sponge. I hear all these great reviews, but what makes it so much better then a brush?


Do you think it's worth the $20 or less?


Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

For me, I got the beauty blender during the 15% sale that brought 2 beauty blenders and the cleanser. 

Before I would use brushes. I used to use a foundation brush with synthetic hairs. But although it was good for foundation, if the brush was not washed frequently, it would leave streaks.


Then i bought the Real technique brush and used that one! I really love that one. And I believe if i didnt have the beauty blender, I would just stick with that brush. However, I think the question lies on how much product do you want to apply on your face?. If you have a light coverage, but what maybe medium coverage one day and want to pack it on... Then the Beauty Blender is perfect. It leaves your skin flawless and airbrushed like. I believe it is also good for full coverage as well.

However, if you like to just put a light application of foundation or tinted moisturizer, or bb cream, then there is no need for the beauty blender. I find at times, after i use the beauty blender, i need to go over it with the brush to remove some of the foundation on the skin. 


So therefore i believe that you should get the beauty blender depending on how much or what kind of coverage you would like. 


Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

I bought two beautyblenders a year or two ago and loved loved LOVED it at first.  It was just so fun to bounce my foundation on!  But lately I find that I'm using my cheap old Ulta sponges a lot more frequently with the same results.  Maybe I'm not discriminating enough to be able to tell the difference, but the main reason I switched is that i HATE cleaning the BB.  I clean every time I use it for foundation, and cleaning the BB seems like much more hassle than just a regular cheapo sponge.  Maybe because it's so much thicker.



Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

I've only had mine for a few months & it looks so beat up from cleaning it. I got dents & holes from trying to get it clean. I'm a germaphobe so sponges & I do not get along really well. 


Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

As with all sponges and brushes, it holds onto product if used with a liquid formula, but it does beautifully with dry product.  I use Lancome's Dual Finish foundation.  So, I dampen the BeautyBlender and stroke it across the DF to apply to my skin.  I really enjoy the teardrop shape because the pointed end is great for the undereye area.  So, it's a mix of pros/cons depending on how you'll use it.


Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

I loveee my beauty blender which I bought 3 days ago. I like how it gives me a nice even finish with my foundation and sheers it out in such a way that I dont look like i have it on at all. Its really about preference some people will say they just love love love it others say that their fingers or brushes do just as good of a job if not better than the beauty blender. Also you can try this item out and if it doesnt work out for you Sephora doessss have an amazing return policy if you aren't 100% happy with a product just keep your receipt handy. 


Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

I have purchased both terrible dupes (fell apart when I gently washed it with baby soap) and awesome ones (Revive which I found at TJMaxx- expands and is sooo soft. I have washed it three times and it is sturdy too)  I love the Revive one- it only cost $4.99.  


Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

Here's what I said in an earlier thread about the Beauty Blender:


"Well, I don't think it will change your life. After years of dismissing it, I have become a recent convert though! I always used either my fingers or a brush to apply foundation. I got the BeautyBlender during Chic Week and I really love it. I do think it gives me the best final look with my foundation!"


So, for ME it has been worth it.  I really like how easy and flawless  it makes foundation application.  But if you have a method you really like now or if you think it's just too expensive, that's also totally fair.  It really is personal preference - I don't think the BeautyBlender changes lives LOL


Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

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I'd definitely check out the dupes first, to get an idea whether or not they'd be something you're interested in. The quality of the actual Beauty Blender is better, I think, but before taking the plunge and spending the money on it, check out the ones from CVS and Target that are half or a quarter of the price. That's what I did. I picked one up at CVS for less than $5, I believe. I liked it for my liquid foundation, so I bought the pricier ones, which ended up being even better, in my opinion.


Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

I do think the beauty blender is worth it if you have dry skin. I find when I use brushes that I get my skin to look flaky, but when I use my beauty blender I just have a more flawless finish. It is expensive, but in my mind it is worth it.


If you look up glamourwonderland on youtube, she has a video about beauty blenders and dupes for them and what she would recommend. You should check it out, maybe you could find a cheaper alternative that will get the job done! :smileyhappy:


Re: is the beauty blender worth it?

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Great thanks! I do have more dry skin than oily. And that's a problem i have with foundation brushes sometimes, it accentuates my dry spots. I think i will go for the real thing instead of any dupes since i want the best of the best! Haha

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