inexspensive brushes from sephora
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Sephora Brand brushes are good quality for the price.  They are relatively inexpensive compared to a lot of other brands such as Smashbox and Bobbi Brown.  A good set of Sephora brushes that will give you most of the necessary brushes you need (if you don't want to buy individual brushes) is Sephora's "Perfect 10 Brush Set" which includes the following brushes:

- Fan Brush
- Blush Brush
- Powder Brush
- Concealer Brush
- Contour Brush
- Eyeshadow Brush
- Small Eyeshadow Brush
- Dual-Sided Brow Brush and Lash Comb

It is really a good set for the price.  You can look it up on Sephora's website at:

I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

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Check out Sigma brushes. Their brushes are great quality and will last you a long time.

Also check out a company called fraulein 38. They sell a whole heap of brushes in the brush roll for a ridiculously low low price.

Also check out IQQU brushes, they're made well and I think they're having a sale right now.

I happen to really like the brushes from Eco Tools as well as the ones from Revlon (especially the contour crease brush).


Hope this helps!

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