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how to look older

Okay so i am mid twenties, and need your expertise on make up. I look really young about highschool if at all, since I am short, and and my voice is young. I work in a professional work place and need to look my age.  Clothing isn't an issue, i dress appropriately and i am with the current trends etc. I usually don't wear any make up, because other than skin discoloration and dark eye circles my skin is clear. I have grown up with the mentality that make up will ruin my skin, so I have always tried to avoid it, but I realize it is not entirely true.


can someone please tell me what the must haves for make up are? my skin is medium brown and normal ( not oily or dry). I really want to go for the natural put together look. 


I am pushing myself to wear make up, so at the moment here is what I am wearing. It feels like a lot to me to be honest, and I usually feel like I need to wash my face and "wipe off all the junk". however i am getting compliments and feel my age finally.


smash box concealer on my dark eye circles

maybeline liquid eyeliner in black

rarely mascara on top lashes, never on lower lashes it always gets on my skin




do i need to wear... eye shadow, foundation,powder ( what's it for?), bronzer, highlighter, lip liner, lipstick, blush, and all of that stuff ? 


my friend's all wear everything i listed here, and they look amazing daily, but no doubt everyone can see they have a ton of make up on. 


can someone please point me in the right direction? thanks so much. also, once i put on my make up, do i fix it up in the day? or just once and that's all? yes, i really am that stupid at this :$






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You're not stupid! You're merely less experienced with makeup than some of your friends and people here. Smiley Happy Don't worry, thats why we are here to help (the online beauty community is AWESOME!)

Makeup for work can be tricky. You definitely don't want to look like you are trying too hard or look like a clown. You want to be presentable and pulled together in a professional environment. First off, you are lucky you have clear, skin girl! Dark circles and minor skin discoloration is not too bad so its good that you use some high quality concealer for that. You may not even need foundation over that or a powder if shine isn't a major issue for you. The main reason why people touch up their makeup throughout the day is that skin gets oilier and you sweat more so your makeup may slide around/smudge/get shiny. A powder will help fix it up really quick so its just a good thing to keep around in your purse in case your mascara smudges a little or a bit of concealer shows on your jawline or something. If you do not wear liquid foundation or powder because you have no need, that is great and you won't have that feeling of having to "wipe the junk off." I would definitely stick with a liquid eyeliner because that really defines the eyes along with a good mascara (top lashes gives a great effect with just liner). You really don't need eyeshadow but if you want to try it out you can always use warm neutral tones (browns, tones). just to have a flawless eye. Bronzer is a bit more advanced so if you are new to makeup I would say you don't need it, along with blush, its not that necessary. If you are not wearing lipstick then no need for lipliner! For you if you want a slight tint of color to make your lips not look washed out on your face, I would recommend a lip STAIN. You can get a Covergirl one at the drugstore Smiley Happy. Try a lighter shade like beige or light pinkish berry. It goes on very sheer and is buildable so its easy to contorl the amount of color. Use a balm over that (the JUST BITTEN collection has a balm on the other side) just to keep your lips soft and not looking dry. Hope this helps! I'd be glad to answer more questions if you have any. GOOD LUCK!

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I'll do what I can! I have the same problem you do. I look MUCH younger than I am. I am 22 and people always confuse me for being 14 or 15. I work in a very professional work place too and I also struggle with trying to find a look that will make me look more closer to my years. Its good that you are good with your clothes and with putting outfits together. I got lucky working for a place that has issued uniforms so I don't have to worry about dressing appropriately or inappropriately. Not all makeup is bad for your skin. Infact, now-a-days, makeup is being reinvented into something that can benefit you for wearing it.

My must have list for you would be...

~ Tweezers: Always have a pair handy for straw eyebrow hairs.

~ Eyebrow pencil: If you have fair colored hair, get an eyebrow pencil and use it just to make your brows pop a little bit more. This also draws more attention to your pretty eye and makes them look more defined.

~ eyeliner Pencil: This also helps to draw attention your eyes and makes them look more defined.

~ Blush: Use your best judgment on this one. Some girls have very washed out skin and need a little color, while others have very pink undertones in their skin and don't need to be wearing blush at all.


anything else in my opinion is just considered extras. If you don't like wearing any extra make up, then I'd just leave everything alone if I were you. And besides, less really is more and that will also compliment your natural look you're going for. the point is, you need to be you. no matter what your friends do or what anyone you work with does. thats the fun thing about makeup is everyone wears it differently and gets a different look.

As for application, it all depends on the product. You're not stupid for not knowing the answer to your questions. Stupid is when you have knowledge, and you dissreguard it anyway. All you are uninformed. The product that you wear will detarmine how often you need to reapply. Example:

Concealer for most people is something that one needs to be applied once a day. But if you work outdoors and sweat, causing your concealer to run. You might need a touch up mid-day.

eyebrowliner is usually only applied once a day. I can't think of a situation where you'd have your eyebrows rubbed off! Ha. but now that I've said it...

Things that are usually reapplied often are lip items because of course, you eat, you kiss, you talk, you lick your lips...Your lips get the most action on your face!


Your question is definitely not stupid.  When you first begin using makeup it can be very confusing as to what to use.  Since you sound like you don't like to wear a lot of makeup, I would recommend keeping it simple yet noticeable.  I would recommend using the following makeup:

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I agree with all of my beauty insiders ...  but I would also like to add one more thing..

If you are not able to do it yourself, go to a Sephora store near you and have one of the sales associates put you in a chair and show you how to do it step by step. 

If you do not have a Sephora close by, then the mall.  Choose the brand of makeup that you like, and for a minimal purchase, they will do your makeup and show you how.  You don't have to purchase everything they use. 

Start slowly so that the changes you make will not be obvious at the office. 

Best of luck

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2 words



it is perfect for beginners, the makeup is SHEER, ALL NATURAL MADE FROM MINERALS FROM THE EARTH, EVERYTHING IS A POWDER it sort of morphs in to the skin, so it NEVER feels like your wearing anything! WONT wipe off on your phone, of your clothes. LASTS ALL DAY!!!!!   Go to the Bare Escentuals website and watch their tutorials and infomercials so you know how to apply it properly! HAVE FUN!

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