how should i organize my makeup vanity
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How should i organize my makeup vanity.  It is fairly small with one drawer in the middle, but I have extra room in another drawer which gives me much more room.

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I suggest you buy some small baskets or bins that you can organize your makeup in inside the drawers:

one for eye shadows, one for eyeliners, one for mascaras, one for foundations and powders, one for bronzers and blushes, and so on for whatever you need.

If you have a small collection, you might just need one for eyes, one for lips, and one for face products, but either way, keeping makeup in bins can keep your makeup easy to find and can speed up your morning routine because you don't have to dig around in all your makeup.

I keep all my brushes that I use daily on top of my vanity, and have all my brushes I don't need for everyday makeup in one of my makeup drawers.

hope this helped! Smiley Happy

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I always roam the kitchen sections and get great things there! Also dollar tree and discount stores like TJ Maxx or Ross have great stuff in the clearance. Office stuff or kitchen stuff, I've found many great things that clearly weren't meant to store beauty stuff but hey, it looks nice doing such! 


I was at target the other day and they had 3pack drawer organizers for $1 but since targets vary, you may not be able to find them. 

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I like to use silver ware trays that are meant for kitchenn drawers to help organsize the drawer of my vanity.  You can find them in lots of colors and in metal or plastic... also the similar trays made to organize desk drawers work really well.  And bins as someone mentioned for larger items is also a great way to keep the clutter contatined.

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building off of xoxcharlottexox, I would keep most of your makeup in the bin system, but set aside the makeups that you use everyday. The makeup that I use everyday is right on the top of my dresser in a small container.  You can keep your core/everyday essentials in the small top drawer and keep makeup that you use less regularly in bins in the bottom drawer. It's nice because it's organized and you don't have to search to find that one lipstick or eyeshadow or foundation that you use everyday.

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