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how does the 100 point perk work?
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How does the point perks work? for the 100 point perk do i have to trade in my points to get it?

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Hi Samguy1!  As a Beauty Insider you will receive a point for every dollar you spend and for every 100 points you have the option to redeem them for a deluxe sample . When those 100 points are redeemed for a deluxe sample the points are deducted from your Beauty Bank.


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As a Beauty Insider every dollar you spend you get one point. At 100 points you can redeem for one deluxe sized sample and your 100 points will be deducted from your beauty bank. There is also a 500 point perk which usually consists of a set of about 5 products from a brand. Usually it is worth saving for the 500 point perk and even then it is worth saving your points until there is something you really want to redeem for because your points never expire.

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This post is from 2010.Please look at the date before replying so we don't have all these dead threads coming up. Thanks!:smileyhappy:

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The things that you get are like small samples of stuff. One of the cashiers will present you with about 3 to 5 little samples of items, and you just pick what you want for 100 points. Each item is worth 100 point. For you to redeem the point of course you have to shop. I believe one dollar is worth 1 point. I have over two thousand......I just love Sephora. But if you dont like the little samples they are offering you do not have to get it. Its optional. But I usually go for the big stuff or when they have an event or a promotion.

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you get one point for every dollar you spend at Sephora. when you reach 100 points you get  a choice of one of their deluxe samples for free. If I were you I would hold off until you reach 500 points because that way you get to choose out of a collection of  FULL-SIZED products for free. Their deluxe samples are reeeeeeeeeally tiny so to me it's not worth it.

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is it free  when you get the points 

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