how do you do a good smokey eye?
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Ive never done a smokey before but want to especially because my homecoming dance is coming up. I have hazel eyes and brown hair and fair-medium skin. I dont want to use the colors like green or blue, etc. I just want to know how to do a normal good (not over the top) smokey eye. Also, what products should i use?

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Smokey eyes are super easy-- a good alternative to the blue/green/black is to try either purple ir brown. Because of your coloring I would go with the brown. You'll want to make sure you have at least three different colors of brown ranging from light to dark. The lightest of the brown (try for a tan color for this one) will act as your base; you are going to apply this over lid and crease, stopping right below your brow bone in the hollow of your eye. The next step is to pick a color that is a shade or two darker than the previous shadow and apply that on the crease and the outer corner of your eye. The key to a good smokey eye is making sure you blend like crazy-- you don't want any distinct lines with a smokey eye. Next, you'll pick your darkest color and apply that one to the V of the outer corner of your eye. You want the smokey eye to look like its fading from lightest to darkest.

Pretty much any eye shadows you use will work but I do suggest using Bare Minerals ( and they come in kits that include all the colors you would need). You'll want to finish up with a dark brown eyeliner and make sure to keep a tight line along the lashes. After that curl your lashes and use mascara, and you're done.

Try to do this before your homecoming dance just to get a feel for it :] Good luck and I hoped this helped!

P.S. don't forget to use an eye primer before you start.

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