how do i store my makeup?

im starting to grow my makeup collection slowy and im starting to wonder how should i store my makeup i dont have that much room 

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I have a Sephora train case (and probably need about three of them), and I keep out of the bathroom (too humid!). I highly recommend a case of some sort -- a train case, Caboodles, etc. -- it's fun to keep everything organized and easily accessible.

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I got a train case, then another, then another.... Now I only use the stuff in the train case closest to the front of the closet or the cutlery trays. I think I over-organized myself!!!
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Hahah -- that's what I need! It's awful...I use about 20% of it, and I can't even think about adding everything up -- I'm sure I'd be horrified at what I've spent over the years. : )
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